76DELL $67 billion acquisition of EMC is about to complete the new company will develop private cloud|DELL $67 billion acquisition of EMC is about to complete the new company will develop private cloud8

DELL’s $67 billion acquisition of EMC will complete the new company will be the development of private cloud U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants to view the latest quotes according to "the Wall Street journal" reported that DELL is expected in the next few weeks after the acquisition of paired EMC. The deal will allow the merged company to become a popular supplier in the fast-growing cloud computing market. DELL CEO Michael DELL (Michael Dell) appeared Monday at EMC’s VMware annual meeting, he bet on enterprises will use DELL’s equipment to build a private cloud, so that employees can access private cloud software programs through the internet. Michael – DELL said at the VMworld Conference on Monday, DELL’s top priority is to make private cloud easy to use. By revenue, the combined company will become the leading cloud computing hardware market, the current market size of $29 billion, low margin hardware based. According to the international data company, DELL company in 2015 and EMC in the highly fragmented market share of 18.2% of the Communist Party of china. In addition to hardware, the merged company also needs to integrate a variety of software products DELL and EMC departments, including VMware, Pivotal and Virtustream. Pivotal provides services to help software developers to develop cloud applications, including Ford and Ge Corp. Through Virtustream, DELL will be able to help SAP SE and other vendors of traditional enterprise software programs running on the new cloud computing infrastructure services. In October last year, DELL announced a $67 billion acquisition of memory giant EMC, the merged company is known as DELL Technologies (Dell Technology), PC business is still known as DELL. It is reported that DELL’s acquisition of EMC is the largest ever merger and acquisition of the IT industry, the integration of the two giants of enterprise computing. PC & server manufacturer DELL and data storage systems and software manufacturer EMC teamed up to build the largest IT equipment and software vendors. Enterprise computing giant is not only faced with public cloud computing services, but also facing competitive pressures on PC technologies such as smart phones and tablet PCs. Recently, according to the "New York post" reported that DELL’s acquisition of EMC transaction has been China regulatory approval, cleared the final hurdle, it is expected to be the last step in DELL’s acquisition of EMC before completion of the transaction. Editor: Li bolt SF171

75Sonic the film adaptation of hedgehog Deadpool director filming|Sonic the film adaptation of hedgehog Deadpool director filming8

"Sonic" the film adaptation of "hedgehog" director retired some time ago Deadpool abandoned by twentieth Century "2" of the "Fuchs Deadpool Deadpool" directed by Tim · Miller is now working with SONY, a Japanese video game company Sega according to "Sonic" film adaptation of the hedgehog. Sega game "hedgehog Sonic" Blur Studio Geoff · Fowler will direct this for a family audience, CG animation and live with the movie. Miller will act as executive producer. Two people with "speed and passion" series producer Neal · H· Moritz to Moritz will serve as the project producer. The project by SONY pictures and segasammy (SEGA Sammy Holdings) jointly produced group CC animation studio Marza Animation Planet, produced the game "Sonic" is the hedgehog Sega segasammy subsidiary. Marza Itou Takeshi and Oonishi Mie as producer, Tobey · served as executive producer of Acheulean animated series, "ogre" Golan creator Patrick · and Josh · Casey; Miller penned the script. "Hedgehog Sonic" series (Sonicthe Hedgehog Series) is a very popular video game cartoon series. Its protagonist, Sonic, as the world’s most famous hedgehog, from its birth by virtue of its lovely shape and incomparable speed swept the world, so many players became his loyal fans. To Sonic, the protagonist of the video game has been published in a number of platforms, the total cumulative sales have exceeded 35 million sets. From 1991 to the present, the hedgehog Sonic series is still one of the most popular series in the history of the game.