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  "eleven" golden week   Hebei Zaibao Tourism — tourism channel of National Day holiday, Hebei Province, careful organization and deployment, planning to launch a series of large-scale tourism Huimin activities, focus on the development of tourism market order rectification, the province’s tourism market overall smooth and orderly, the holiday tourism consumption off again. October 1st to 7, the province’s total of 25 million 849 thousand tourists trips, tourism revenue 18 billion 780 million yuan, up 22.9% and 35.3% respectively over the same period last year, the realization of the "safety, order, quality and efficiency of the" four unified goal. Before the festival, the first meeting of the Hebei provincial tourism industry development conference was held, the main venue in the land – the west of Beijing River hundred leisure resort brand highlights, becoming the biggest highlight of holiday tourism in Hebei. At the same time, the attraction of the new format of the project and to accommodate the role of the holiday season has always led to keep Baoding high. Laishui County town of art Bailixia colorful romantic, visually stunning, wisdom center "panorama of Yesanpo" so that visitors in a short time to enjoy the magnificent scenery of North Taihang, VR experience let people love the excitement of hooked, museum in front of the crowd waiting in line. Laiyuan county at the foot of the hill of white fragrant and colorful flowers, beautiful rural landscape Avenue and different styles to attract a large number of tourists. Yixian County Island health Kang Yang Town beautiful, exquisite tourism environment, the Taihang water town hundreds of snacks throughout the country, traditional folk crafts and tourism demonstration, attracting tourists all over the country stampede in Yishui lake, 3 pm every day due to reach the limit reception stop ticket, Taihang water town once selling snacks the light had to close early in. The Yi River Lake Scenic Area reception number more than two times over the same period last year, the Taihang water town tourists for 6 consecutive days to keep about 30 thousand people. Hebei province’s tourism system to carry out a series of promotional activities, organizing tourism enterprises to focus on Tourism Huimin measures, the introduction of a variety of tourism festival activities, effectively meet the needs of the majority of tourists. Shijiazhuang ancient city of Zhengding held a golden autumn Tourism Cultural Festival, Longxing Temple, Kaiyuan Temple, Tianning Temple, Guanghui temple and other scenic launched preferential ticket, attracted many tourists to sightseeing. Langfang city held the ninth session of Chinese (Langfang) international hot air balloon and the 2016 golden Kite Festival in what, to carry out various forms of theme activities, attracted 410 thousand visitors come to visit. Chengde city continued to launch the fourth Mountain Resort chrysanthemum Festival, Mountain Resort to open 200 thousand piers and 200 kinds of chrysanthemum, for Chinese and foreign tourists have a golden chrysanthemum culture visual feast. Qinhuangdao city held the "Le Tour of Beijing Tianjin Hebei? Love poly Beidaihe" 2016 Qinhuangdao? Beijing Tianjin Hebei cultural creative industry (trade) exhibition, showcasing the Tianjin Folk intangible cultural heritage, characteristics, trend of art delicacy culture, attracted a large number of tourists visit. During the holiday season, self driving, self-help as the main way of leisure travel continued to dominate the market. Due to the improvement of the high speed traffic network and the increase of the promotion of the COSCO tourist market in Hebei Province, tourists from Hebei and East China have been increasing in recent years. Sampling survey,)相关的主题文章:

Zhang Cuiping, Hebei, Rio second Olympic gold residue last shot 1 gun reversal of the 10.8 ring sorpack

Hebei Paralympic gold second Rio Zhang Cuiping picked the last 1 shots 10.8 ring reversal of the newspaper news (reporter Zhang Jing) Brazil Rio De Janeiro time on September 14th, Rio ushered in the seventh match day, Chinese Paralympic Corps continue to expand the lead to 12 gold, 7 silver and 6 bronze medals. On the day of my shooting star Zhang Cuiping after winning the SH1 R8 women’s 50 m rifle three position title the day before, and at the SH1 level of R6 mixed group of 50 m woshe final, with a score of 206.8 won a gold medal. As of the evening of 14, Chinese Paralympic Legion continues to rank first with 75 gold, 58 silver and 39 bronze medals, and the so far 75 gold data is to let Chinese Paralympic gold medal total to 402, the historic leap 400 mark. The mixed group of 50 m woshe in SH1 R6 in the game, Zhang Cuiping in the face of many male athletes, daring Ganpin, the final gun counter ultra UAE male athletes, with a score of 206.8 won a precious gold medal. SH1 R6 mixed group of 50 m woshe Zhang Cuiping is not the main items in the heats, Zhang Cuiping scored the only ranked fifth. In the finals, Abdel Zhang Cuiping and the United Arab Emirates male athletes through, leading the way. Before the last shot, Abdel was still ahead of the 1 rings of Zhang Cuiping. The last shot, Zhang Cuiping withstand pressure, the first shot of the 10.8 ring. This result, let Abdel pressure surge, the last shot only hit 9.5 ring. In the end, Zhang Cuiping won second gold medals in the Paralympic games. After the game, Zhang Cuiping said: This is the 1 unexpected gold medal. There are 1 rings before the last shot, I think I can not catch up, so I am very relaxed. When the results of the 10.8 ring came out, I did not expect the last opponent hit only 9.5 rings, I can not believe. Thanks to the motherland, thanks to my coach." In other competitions, our province track and field young Zhao Yuping F12 Fifth Women’s shot put athletes, Li Huzhao and Cui Yanfeng respectively reached T53 and T54 grade 800 metres final, table tennis player Ge Yang and Zhao Shuai respectively cooperate with his teammates, TT6-TT8 scored TT9-TT10 men’s team semi-final. As of September 14th, the province’s participating athletes in the Paralympic Games has received 6 gold, silver, copper, 4, fourth, 3, fifth, 3 and 1, 2, breaking the world record of the 2 seventh, sixth.相关的主题文章:

Bao Baoyi shy, parents should do six things – Sohu maternal www.40sqw.com

Bao Baoyi is shy, parents should do six things – Sohu maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting hand some children born not afraid of life, some children with family members like a stranger avoid being seen frightened bird. Parents hope that children don’t really care about a small liberal and dignified, when children grow up, so there will be more and more shy, serious will affect the future growth. There are many reasons for being shy. In addition to congenital, there are the following reasons: first, the development of self-awareness, fear of others do not respect themselves, not friendly. Two, low self-evaluation, afraid that others say their ability to try to avoid. Three, a stranger anxiety. Generally speaking, five or six months to a year and a half, this phenomenon is relatively heavy, but some children will be delayed or prolonged, to two years after the performance, your child may belong to this category. Four, there may be "foresee", and children play together, have been bullied, unwilling to play with them, show withdrawal etc.. The children have this performance, you can do this: 1 don’t criticize, don’t frighten, don’t force him to force him to call a person, and a friend to play, to relax, to this accept his character or his tolerance in this stage. 2 don’t be shy as a wrong behavior, expressed dissatisfaction with this behavior, and even hinted that he had this behavior, all do not like him. On the contrary, it is necessary to be treated with a sense of heart, to know that he did not greet adults, and children do not play together, and there is no big problem. Often after three years old, he will automatically. 3 don’t label him when he says he’s a shy kid. To be sure, the logo will be deeply embedded in his heart, he will think that he is like this, and perhaps later he will use this logo to avoid people who do not like (this is conscious). 4 for low self-esteem of children, to help them improve their self-confidence, learn to play with toys (such as building blocks, wooden bead string), slide, swing etc.. In this way, they can keep up with other children, may be willing to play with the children. 5 to friends, colleagues to do the work, do not ask too much of this child " called ". Best to stay away from him, gradually approaching, he can adapt to, then, he will take the initiative to " called ". " call a person " is a kind of courtesy, but if the person is too good, willing to accept people, people talk to him and play, he can be friendly to each other, don’t call people also don’t have much relationship. 6 or to tell some stories, those who do not shy, courageous little master affect him. I remember years ago had a cartoon called " the shy little oriole, " about a little but very shy, not dare in front of everyone singing, although it sings very well. After being encouraged by many friends, it began in the big picture相关的主题文章:

Harbin Shuangcheng District 7 destruction of immovable cultural relics to redevelopment oembios.bin

Harbin Shuangcheng District 7 destruction of immovable cultural relics to redevelopment original title: Harbin Shuangcheng District 7 destruction of immovable cultural relics to redevelopment (reporter Xu Zheng) Harbin District of Shuangcheng city government 27 days to report, according to the State Administration of cultural heritage, the local decision on "Shuangcheng Liu home" 7 destroyed the implementation of redevelopment of immovable cultural relics. Shuangcheng district government said 27, Shuangcheng District Sports Radio and Television Bureau has received the views of the State Administration of cultural heritage. One is in accordance with the "People’s Republic of China cultural relics protection law" and "cultural relics protection project management measures" provisions, as soon as possible damage to the 7 unmovable cultural relics to fulfill the redevelopment approval procedures; two is immediately destroyed 7 immovable cultural relics of all house members were collected for protection and reconstruction. Shuangcheng district government informed that the damaged relics actively take remedial measures to fulfill the corresponding approval procedures according to law, to employ the national and provincial cultural experts prepare reconstruction plan and plan design, the implementation of redevelopment. In June 25th, Harbin District of Shuangcheng City, "Shuangcheng Liu home" 7 unmovable cultural relics destroyed. Shuangcheng District Sports Radio and Television Bureau said that these 7 immovable cultural relics have not yet been classified, severely damaged, can not be restored. Reporters learned that the Harbin Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection of the investigation team is currently working in Shuangcheng district. Shuangcheng said it would actively cooperate with the City Commission for Discipline Inspection investigation team, in accordance with the requirements of the case double check, and seriously investigate the administrative responsibility of the relevant departments and related personnel. Shuangcheng district government said, will conduct a census of the patrol relics of disrepair, damaged cultural relics in a timely manner to the competent department at a higher level of cultural relics protection law report, timely maintenance, and resolutely prevent the damage of cultural relics, cultural relics and play its due role.相关的主题文章: