Zhang Cuiping, Hebei, Rio second Olympic gold residue last shot 1 gun reversal of the 10.8 ring sorpack

Hebei Paralympic gold second Rio Zhang Cuiping picked the last 1 shots 10.8 ring reversal of the newspaper news (reporter Zhang Jing) Brazil Rio De Janeiro time on September 14th, Rio ushered in the seventh match day, Chinese Paralympic Corps continue to expand the lead to 12 gold, 7 silver and 6 bronze medals. On the day of my shooting star Zhang Cuiping after winning the SH1 R8 women’s 50 m rifle three position title the day before, and at the SH1 level of R6 mixed group of 50 m woshe final, with a score of 206.8 won a gold medal. As of the evening of 14, Chinese Paralympic Legion continues to rank first with 75 gold, 58 silver and 39 bronze medals, and the so far 75 gold data is to let Chinese Paralympic gold medal total to 402, the historic leap 400 mark. The mixed group of 50 m woshe in SH1 R6 in the game, Zhang Cuiping in the face of many male athletes, daring Ganpin, the final gun counter ultra UAE male athletes, with a score of 206.8 won a precious gold medal. SH1 R6 mixed group of 50 m woshe Zhang Cuiping is not the main items in the heats, Zhang Cuiping scored the only ranked fifth. In the finals, Abdel Zhang Cuiping and the United Arab Emirates male athletes through, leading the way. Before the last shot, Abdel was still ahead of the 1 rings of Zhang Cuiping. The last shot, Zhang Cuiping withstand pressure, the first shot of the 10.8 ring. This result, let Abdel pressure surge, the last shot only hit 9.5 ring. In the end, Zhang Cuiping won second gold medals in the Paralympic games. After the game, Zhang Cuiping said: This is the 1 unexpected gold medal. There are 1 rings before the last shot, I think I can not catch up, so I am very relaxed. When the results of the 10.8 ring came out, I did not expect the last opponent hit only 9.5 rings, I can not believe. Thanks to the motherland, thanks to my coach." In other competitions, our province track and field young Zhao Yuping F12 Fifth Women’s shot put athletes, Li Huzhao and Cui Yanfeng respectively reached T53 and T54 grade 800 metres final, table tennis player Ge Yang and Zhao Shuai respectively cooperate with his teammates, TT6-TT8 scored TT9-TT10 men’s team semi-final. As of September 14th, the province’s participating athletes in the Paralympic Games has received 6 gold, silver, copper, 4, fourth, 3, fifth, 3 and 1, 2, breaking the world record of the 2 seventh, sixth.相关的主题文章: