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Yunnan is also a "America" is a retiring Lahu village village in Lincang there are many uncharted masquerade, such as outside the famous "Weng Dingwa village", such as the ancient ink stone village, such as door latch at the wall not Jing Kang and Shuangjiang…… now, I want to say is a city of Lincang a South American South Village Township — land of idyllic beauty. South America is located in South America village Nu mountains extends to the south part of the longitudinal valley area, lush vegetation, fresh air, with a mountain at four seasons, the climate characteristics of the normal and one village ". China not only has more than 3 thousand acres of grassland, when the autumn and winter green, flowers everywhere; in the beautiful natural landscape in South America also hidden ancient ethnic village, South Village is one of the most popular Lahucun. The ancient Diqiang ethnic genus of South American Lahu family, originated in Qinghai lake, claiming to "jump out gourd people", the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty moved to South America, today still more mysterious and original clothing, diet, religious beliefs, customs, dance, crafts and other cultural traditions. The impoverished rural village south water gurgling wooden ancient natural alpine mountain cottage once after renovation has been change happened. Walking in the village, qujingtongyou. The Lahu family cabin in the characteristics of a wild profusion of vegetation between plants is like a partly hidden and partly visible, away from the hustle and bustle of ancient villages. The village has a lot of experience huts, holidays open. The house is scattered cottage, simple natural, almost no modern facilities and the house is modern marks, exquisite interior, comfortable and convenient, hidden but beautiful spot. In the village of well preserved Lahu traditional culture, people have a strayed into another space sense. The Lahu family house feature cabin "La took" – especially Lahu Lahu South roasted tea village has a group of well preserved cultural traditions, there can also taste with a long history of the Lahu family baking tea. Drinking tea is an ancient and traditional way of drinking tea, Lahu said in the Lahu, "La won", and some places also known as". Roasted tea with fireplace, photography! Lahu Lahu live roasted tea history — "ancient roots" sung America’s Lahu family not only text, generation generation, in the form of the calendar songs sung, "Lahu ancient root" is a description of the South American Lahu family ancestors breeding migration narrative epic, Lahu family history of grief. Migration and war was their national history theme, so the performance includes the creation, migration, war of three kinds of content, long and heavy. The hospitality of the people of Lahu Lahu and the "bald bride" in the Lahu family of local customs, the head as the symbol of beauty, the girls would shave their heads on the wedding day, means that the transition from girl to woman, everything starts from scratch, towards a new life. General by the father of the bride or invite the village respected old man to shave. It is said that once the barber also at the top of the head left a bunch of little hair, which represents the human soul, but gradually, the soul left hair traditional have disappeared. The old woman still retains the habit of shaving her head once every few days after marriage相关的主题文章: