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Y Combinator began to try to "part-time partner" system in science and technology – Sohu CEO Sam · Altman (Sam Altman) under the leadership of the well-known venture accelerator Y Combinator iteration speed very quickly. So what is the latest change in the company? This is the temporary partner, or "visiting partner" system. Based on their own expertise, such a partner will be deeply involved in a number of projects. These partners will be somewhat similar to the Y Combinator partner". After the project started in 2011. The new project is different, part-time partners are usually invited to join 6 months, and many part-time partners are willing to extend cooperation with Y Combinator. At the start of the project, Y Combinator invited 3 visiting partners, including two Y Combinator alumni, namely Aaron · April Stern (Aaron Epstein), Gustaf · Astor Romel (Gustaf Alstromer) and · (Lyle Fong von Lyle). April Stern is the founder of the market platform Creative Market. This platform for digital design content, in 2010 participated in the Y Combinator project. 2014, Autodesk acquired the company, the price is not disclosed. Astor Romel is the head of Airbnb’s product. He previously served as vice president of communications App Co Voxer business growth, and co founded the messaging service Heysan. Heysan participated in the Y Combinator project in 2009 and was acquired by Good Technology in 2007. Price also did not disclose. Lyle · Feng electronic game studio Hobo Labs co-founder and CEO. He also founded social media software company Lithium Technologies. The company acquired Klout, a social networking company, in 2014. Y Combinator will be launched in January next year in California Shan King City Winter class project. The company also introduced 3 new "part-time partners" as a platform for the existing more than more than 10 part-time partners. The 3 new part-time partners were · Ahmed Iran; akkun (Imaad Akhund), Kevin de · Haier (Kevin Hale) and Marcus · (Marcus Segal); segal. Of these, two are alumni of Y Combinator. S相关的主题文章: