Xiao Xia Jin Zhou comments, crude oil EIA high drop, silver range shocks, crude oil silver market ou minmi

Xiao Xia Jin: Zhou comments, crude oil EIA high drop, the silver range of shocks, crude oil silver market outlook analysis suggested We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Xiao Xia: Golden Week assessment, EIA crude oil fell Chonggao, silver rangebound, silver market outlook analysis suggested that crude oil prices this week with the help of API and EIA two database accident reduction of 5 million 300 thousand barrels, a decline in September 16th when the week, broke through the high point of the year, refresh the 15 month high of $52.22; but then and we expected as oil prices from the highs, the main reason of personal analysis may be Russia continues to increase the yield of the speech made long profits, producers to wait for further action to limit production. In addition, the recent increase in interest rates in the United States in December led to a stronger dollar also limits the upward space of oil prices. In addition, the positive attitude of the Saudi oil minister has also helped cut prices further up, OPEC and non OPEC act together now to November will determine the specific production quantity, while the short-term OPEC on the oil market intervention is reasonable; non OPEC countries have great effect on market stability; many non OPEC countries will be cut, health improvement and collaborative action can bring the oil market. Oil prices have been rising since OPEC announced plans to limit production in September 28th. Crude oil closed at $51 mark on Friday, from a technical point of view, the U.S. crude oil is expected to wear a 50 day moving average on the 100 day moving average, suggesting that the long-term oil prices are still likely to continue to rise. However, the attitude of the Russian oil producers are worried about the market, as well as the continued increase in U.S. oil drilling data. This week after Wednesday to break the high point of the year, a Thursday, Wednesday or even shock Yindie, Friday after the disc bottom ushered in a wave of big rebound, the weekly Friday received a small positive column. From the date line, prices run in the BOLL track above the 5 day moving average 10 day moving average MACD run high, the Bulls again stabilized at above the average system, MACD speed line has formed Sicha trend, short momentum gradually weakened. From the four hours chart, RSI indicators go flat turn head trend, with signs of brin necking. In general, Xiao Xia of gold that the recent dollar has the strong influence of the trend of oil prices this week, after several times after the bottom 50 has become to support plate. Although Wednesday double bullish, but oil bulls rose only about $1 a week, oil prices still callback risk, but the medium-term trend is still bullish, the market outlook is still long ascribed possible, below the 50 fall further attention depth callback 49.4-49.0, the top concern 51.6-52 the breakthrough pressure. Next Monday, it is recommended to focus on the 50.00-51.20 dollar breakout. Silver, since the U.S. presidential election, market sentiment with the support of the general election rate fluctuations相关的主题文章: