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Xi Jinping’s time in Phnom Penh (Photos) original title: President Xi Phnom Penh time xinhuanet.com Beijing 14 October October, Phnom Penh, rain to come. But the 13 day, sunny day Yang, blue sky white clouds lay out. ? the sun, bright and Cambodia flag in Phnom Penh, the huge portrait of President China high streets and back lanes, Xi Jinping and King Sihamoni of Kampuchea stands outside the Palace Square, beneath the portrait of "Cambodia friendship evergreen" slogan. ? at noon, tens of thousands of people took to the streets, or hand-held Cambodia leaders or portraits, waving national flags and flowers, a warm welcome to President Xi Jinping on a state visit to Kampuchea. Xi Jinping arrived in Phnom Penh International Airport by special plane and began a state visit to Kingdom of Cambodia. (Xinhua News Agency reporter Xie Huanchi photo) Kampuchea Sihanouk once said: "the long-term friendship between Cambodia firmly, like a never withering flowers, always open in the sunny sky." Now, this one in Cambodia friendship Chinese because of the arrival of guests, more bright and colorful. [love]? Really? Arrived in Phnom Penh before President Xi in the local mainstream newspaper "Kampuchea" published a signed article, with "good friend" fellowlike in perfect sympathy with each other "good neighbor" to describe the Sino Cambodian friendship. So the expression of emotional spillover in China’s diplomatic language is rare. The chairman of the special friendship? Study deep between China and Cambodia just arrived the airport will be blowing. 24 Kampuchea military in both sides of the red carpet, White Helmets and blue uniforms, very solemn. A state visit to foreign leaders, Cambodia to 12 Eli soldiers greeted the "double" courtesy, behind China Cambodia relations of profound friendship. Xi Jinping attended a grand welcoming ceremony at the Royal Palace in Sihamoni. (Xinhua News Agency reporter Yao Dawei photo) to express a warm welcome to President Xi, in addition to Kampuchea Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Prince Gonsano palace, King Sihamoni sent two important members of the royal family, Prince Shakappa and princess Allen went to the airport to meet. The children of Kampuchea to the President Xi with fragrant jasmine bracelet. From the airport to the palace of Phnom penh. White jasmine petals on the Golden Palace Square before the house of red carpet. In the President Xi Xi Xi parking place to meet, two old friends together to review the table. The dove fly in the palace between Jinding cornices, leading to the palace on the lion gongs ringing in the ears. Xi Jinping attended a grand welcoming ceremony at the Royal Palace in Sihamoni. (Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Ye photo) the biggest feature of Sino Cambodian relations, is a traditional friendship. On 1955, Premier Zhou Enlai and Sihanouk met at the Bandung Conference, opened a new chapter in Cambodia friendship. 60 years ago, bilateral friendship for generations. ? September 2014, President Xi met with Sihamoni king and queen Monile Diaoyutai State Guest House in Beijing, said a particularly warm, "Beijing is your home, welcome you often go home"; in June this year, the President Xi in the Great Hall of the people with king Sihamoni Sh held talks, said, "I hope the leaders of the two countries continue to like relatives frequently". ? someone will Cambodia friendship than)相关的主题文章: