Woman was beaten by 3 men suspected of money laundering case report borderland

The woman was beaten 3 hours more than men report suspected money laundering case recently, Shaanxi Yulin Shenmu a woman, was beaten more than men hijacked in the hotel, followed by cutting the neck, but not dead. The woman said in an interview with the Guangzhou Daily reporter, the great taste and she had to report to Xi’an Zhu 106 million yuan of the huge "money laundering", she doubted by Zhu take revenge. The woman with Zhu had to be good friends, and economic exchanges, in May this year, she had been commissioned by Zhu "debt" threat. But she stressed that the "debt" and the hijackers recently met two different groups of people, the debt dispute has nothing to do with the kidnapping incident, "mainly because I report her." Guangzhou Daily reporter  , Zhang Dan, and now do not even dare to lose infusion in a clinic, can only continue to change the clinic infusion therapy." Zhou Li (a pseudonym) told reporters that her neck still had a long cut, 10 cm long. Strange man beaten into the hotel the evening of October 20th, has just returned to the Friendship Hotel Shaanxi Yulin Shenmu Zhou Li, heard a knock on the door outside. "We just came back and thought it was the waiter." After opening the door, she found the door standing is not a waiter, but the five or six strongest man. "They are without demur rushed in, and then began to beat me." Zhou Li recalls, when she was in the room, and two friends. My friend has just began to rebel against it, and then to "do not hit, then by burly men will hold hands and feet, unable to move. "If you look at the hotel’s surveillance video, you know, I was struggling at the door many times." Zhou Li said that the group of people came in to her clothes to pull rotten, and then beat her, and then she was pulling her hair to the door, she begged, and finally let her put on clothes. Zhou Li said, into the room to hit her five or six people, from beginning to end did not say a word, that is beating. Subsequently, through the hotel surveillance video, she found that the day into the hotel a total of 9 people, all of a group of children. Subsequently, Zhou Li was pulled by a pedestrian on the car, they opened a total of two cars, I was controlled by a person in a car, the other car to follow the 4." Beaten, cut more than 3 hours in "I got out of the car, with the mobile phone secretly hid the police, the time display is on October 21st at 1:25 in the morning." Zhou Li said, was taken from her away from the hotel to the final relief, experienced a total of nearly 3.5 hours. Zhou Li said that when she was in the car, it has been guessed that this group of people behind the boss, may be her friends before the report zhu. Zhou Li was frightened, driving the gang side edge to discuss the "how to kill her," said one "with a dagger stabbing in the neck."." Then someone with a knife scratch her neck, her blouse and trousers with a lot of blood, "the driver said kill me is not good, half-dead 8相关的主题文章: