Will Xin Fundamentals and technical information are displayed in the middle price of gold crycry

Will Xin: Fundamentals and technical information are displayed in the middle of the gold price of the Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Will Xin chief analyst Yang Yijun if we can clearly know that the first half of the gold bull market from local to global financial turmoil, the British and European hedge theme, that would be on the gold market outlook still expect medium-term. Hedging theme of gold stimulation, there are stages of timeliness, it is difficult to have continuity. The view of the two core factors affecting the price of gold in the long term: the dollar index, the inflation situation, it is difficult to constitute a sustained positive gold. Although there are still more than the mid Bank gold to $1500, but its are difficult to find more reasons to support their views. In the first half to do more than the spirit of gold, Soros, the leader of all the basic cash in his profit position, hedge funds do more gold in the history of the record after the start of the reversal. So who else, for what reason to push gold prices continue to rise? Or Chinese mother? In addition, don’t always to the global currency release water as general reason gold bulls, the current global monetary injection can catch before 2012? At that time, the central bank led the world’s central bank wantonly flooding, but why did not continue the bull market gold? And now, the Federal Reserve has been considering how to moderate monetary tightening. The latest information from the Fed, the dollar hike footsteps getting closer. Fed information shows that 12 regions in the Federal Reserve in July to seek the discount rate from 1% to 1.25%, of which in the year FOMC has the right to vote. This can be seen as the dollar interest rate approaching signal. Goldman Sachs said this week, regardless of the Fed’s interest rate hike, the dollar will not fall. This also represents my point of view. After I carefully combed over the past half century, the dollar index, the U.S. dollar interest rates, the U.S. stock market, the United States and other economic data, the correlation between, I firmly believe that this view. U.S. real economy is the basis of the guidelines to guide the dollar index, the interest rate is not. The slightly technical knowledge of investors, I believe it can roughly understand the current price of gold monthly chart pressure signal. The current information technology, the price of gold in the past five years to adjust the channel macro trend line H1 position precision pressure encountered, in addition to 5 years from the line, and the $1920.8-1046.2 macro adjustment band rebound 38.2% Fibonacci counter pressure. Even more than ten years upward trend line L position should also constitute a trend back pressure. In the macro technology so much pressure background, plus hedge funds to do more energy record record after the first stall, signs of reversal, I do not know what energy and more touching stories to stimulate the market to buy gold. In the specific operation, we nearly three months to maintain the most positions, had a $13171318 short after the above $1360 cash operating profit. But above $1350, we recommend the gold business, the mining business can be bold to sell the security strategy to set up operations. For general margin investors, after a period of time相关的主题文章: