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Sports-and-Recreation There are a ton of guys around that are into airsoft, and especially the AEG. And the general weapon of choice for the airsoft enthusiast is the electric airsoft rifle. But why? What is it about electric airsoft rifles that set them apart from the rest? Why in the world are so many guys into getting an electric airsoft rifle over the other available options? I mean there are gas airsoft rifles and springers available as well. And why wouldn’t they want to use an airsoft pistol instead? So let us take a look and consider some of these differences in this article. It will give us a better understanding of the brain behind a airsoft enthusiast. I believe there are several things that make the electric airsoft rifle the choice weapon for airsoft players. Among the most .mon, price, ease of use and features make the difference for many. Some players, especially rookies, will try to scrimp on money and buy an inexpensive spring gun. They don’t learn until later just how under-equipped they, and what a disadvantage they are at on the airsoft field. Also, the other problem with the springer is that it is .pletely manual, you have to cock the gun each and every time you want to fire. But with the electric, you can operate in semi automatic and fully automatic modes. Ok, so why don’t I just go with a gas airsoft rifle? Well, you can, and there are some extremely nice gas airsoft rifles as well. But typically, the gas airsoft rifle is just too expensive to be feasible. They tend to more expensive than the AEG, and that is a deterrent for a lot of people. The other problem with them is that gas canister refills, especially in green gas, can be a bulky addition to their field gear. It really .es down to these simple reasons. Electric guns have a good price point, they can be fired automatically, and you don’t have to carry bulky replacement parts. So save up a little bit of money so you can be the most .petitive possible when you take the field, and so you can get a good electric airsoft rifle. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: