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Who says VR is only responsible for entertainment, your shopping trip to the future cannot do without it – Tony Leung Sohu, Note2 and most heavy MIX new machine concept, enough to make the ring last week by digital millet conference, scraper, but you also can not be ignored in these two years of heady VR equipment, as second products conference presentation the official version of VR, millet 199 with high price, may allow more people to have the opportunity to contact the VR device. From HTC Vive, the ants worth thousands of other high-end VR head helmet display device, Microsoft, SONY and other companies for its game equipment configuration value in VR glasses $300 stalls, and in this year’s holiday shopping season, it is said that there will be 11 million 400 thousand adults in the United States, VR equipment took pouch…… The maturity of VR technology now has so many contention of a hundred schools of thought, can smell the bigwigs from all walks of life more development opportunities, if you still take VR as some special video, play a few niche game adventure, it would be out! Because of your future life, perhaps will be more targeted VR lighting technology. Just recently, the latest forecast released by market research firm Gartner shows that, by the end of 2017, 1/5 large retailers will begin to deploy virtual reality on their web sites, and by 2020, one hundred million people will be shopping by VR. In March of this year, Ali launched the VR shopping products Buy+, in this year’s double 11 will also contribute to a large number of consumers will soon begin to buy to buy, choose the virtual reality shopping malls for the selection of goods. Ali said, now consumers through the VR equipment, can be done in a virtual environment, "take the subway" visit the Tokyo rainbow bridge, a Ferris wheel, encounter two dimensional girl; follow the pilot "driving" helicopter aerial view of Sydney in Australia, the quality of fresh milk and sweet taste ranch oatmeal; driving 1965 antique car "visit the" New York Times Square, block VIP shopping experience, compared to the general online shopping, this experience will undoubtedly attract more people. Of course, as the rival Jingdong in this double 11 never showed weak in 2016, Gansu, China System Architecture University meeting, Jingdong VR shopping galaxy also appeared, this kind of experience may be more futuristic, Jingdong that VR shopping process is equivalent to the star roaming user’s shopping cart is a spaceship, user "driving" a "shopping cart" across each virtual "planet" (shop), and with the help of cloud data, Jingdong has developed a series of dynamic users via the "wormhole", to speed up the process of users find interesting "star ball". And in the purchase of more high-end consumer products, VR brings a sense of real experience, will be more favored by consumers, such as sales of high-end models, there have been many brands experimenting with virtual reality, Audi announced the beginning of last year, HTC will jointly launched a dealership on the line the PC end of the virtual reality to choose a car service in Audi’s flagship showroom, HTC VIVE will let consumers do not need the car.相关的主题文章: