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UnCategorized Only Fools And Horses was one of the most popular sit.s ever to be made in Britain. The Christmas special of this hit TV series also used to be the highlight of the Christmas TV schedules so why exactly is this series so popular? Well for a start I think that the vast majority of people can actually relate to the story of Del Boy and Rodney, the two leading characters. Living high up in a Peckham council estate, they are desperate to do whatever they can to hopefully get rich and improve their lives, and seeing Del Boy’s latest money-making ventures is funny to watch but also quite sad at the same time because you really want him to do well. In fact this is another reason why the show is so popular because Del Boy and indeed all of the characters in the show are actually really likeable. They each have their own defined personality and they all have plenty of very funny lines between them. For instance you’ve get Marlene and Boycie, Trigger, Mickey Pearce, Mike, Denzil and Uncle Albert and Grandad, all of whom are quite likeable and funny in their own way, and you are always sure of some great humour when they are all gathered together in the pub. It’s the humour that really sets Only Fools And Horses apart from many other sit.s. John Sullivan, the writer, ensures that every single episode is extremely funny. He does this through really clever and inventive storylines which lead to visual humour, such as the infamous falling through bar scene and the chandelier scene, and razor sharp dialogue between the various characters. Even the more serious storylines such as when Grandad dies or when Cassandra loses her baby still have a few .edy moments which produces a brilliant mix of sadness one minute and humour the next. It really is brilliantly written and I think it got better and better as the years went on, with the pick of the shows being the feature episodes in the 90s which did a great job of integrating two female characters into the show – Cassandra and Raquel. I think Only Fools And Horses lost it’s way a little bit towards the end when the writer kept bringing it back for a few Christmas specials but overall it was nevertheless an excellent sit. in general. This is why it’s repeated all the time because even though you’ve seen all the episodes several times over, it is still very funny. Plus in this period of economic gloom it’s very uplifting as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: