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Home-and-Family Organic fruits and vegetables are grown using products that are organic based, which includes from eradicating pests and weeds up to providing nutrients for your growing fruit and vegetable plants. It is very important why you should know the difference between organic fruit and veg from fruits and vegetables that are grown with the use of .mercially prepared products. This is because you have to be aware how these fruits and vegetables are grown and if they are safe to your body and as well as to the environment. There are various reasons why you should start growing or purchasing organic fruits and vegetables. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose organic fruits and vegetables: You can grow your own organic fruit and veg at your own backyard. Growing organic fruit and vegetable is not that costly because you will be making use of organic matter to feed the garden soil. Feeding the garden soil is very important so that it will be nourished with essential nutrients that are vital to the growth and development of the growing organic fruits and vegetables. Organic matter can be cheaply made from kitchen and garden waste. They are good forms of organic matter because they are rich in nutrients that the growing organic fruit and veg need to flourish well. Organic fruit and vegetable are safe to eat because they are grown with organic based products. The body will not be harmed as you ingest organic fruit and vegetables because they are not treated with chemical based products. Chemicals will stick over the surfaces of fruits and vegetables even after washing them well. As you take in the fruit or vegetable, the chemical traces will be ingested as well. These chemicals will do no good in your body, and sooner or later you will manifest symptoms related to the intake of fruits and vegetables that have traces of chemicals. You should eat organic fruits and vegetables because they are healthy foods. They will supply your body with essential nutrients that will support normal body processes. Organic fruit and veg are also good dietary snacks because they are rich in vitamins and minerals. They do not contain fat or choloesterol. They are rich in natural fibers that are very helpful in cleaning your digestive tract, they will help your body to eliminate toxins and other waste products inside your stomach. As you start buying organic fruit and vegetable, you will be helping small scale farmers. You will also help saving the environment as you start buying and eating organic fruit and vegetables. You will help minimize the pollution in the environment by not using synthetic products, which includes pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Ground water is the primary element that will be polluted. This is because fertilizers that contain chemicals can be drained down to the ground water, especially when heavy rain .es. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: