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Womens-Issues There are several things a women opting for surrogacy should know about and only then one should actually think about this procedure and get into it. The process is of two types; one in which your eggs are used and one in which donor eggs are used. In case of the traditional surrogacy it is always your eggs and your partners sperms that are used. You can find some of the best doctors for surrogacy in Delhi, since a lot of those doctors are highly qualified and experienced too. Before going in for the process the qualifications and experience of the doctors also need to be checked so that there are no problems in relation to that. Types of tests There are a number of tests that you may have to undergo at the fertility center if you are planning to go ahead with surrogacy. This would involve tests such as vaginal ultrasound, hysteroscopy, routine blood tests etc. There are also some other tests like the PAP Smear test which you will have to undergo so as to confirm that you are not suffering from any kind of cancer or mammography. You can contact a surrogacy specialist in Delhi who will tell you all the pros and cons of this procedure. It is important for you to be mentally prepared so that when you actually get into the process you are not taken aback. All these tests that are conducted are just done so as to check whether you are suffering from any kind of medical issues or not. The surrogate mothers are properly investigated for all medical problems and a legal contract is signed with them beforehand. They usually belong to a good family and educated background and are purely doing it for financial purposes. Transfer of embryo to the uterus into the surrogate mother The embryos are flushed inside through a liquid medium and then it is inserted into your uterus through the cervix. The use of ultrasound must be done, so as to ensure that the embryo is placed correctly at the right position. It is important for you to lie down for some time after the embryo has been successfully placed inside you. You need to take care of your health and stay healthy so that the period is smooth for you and you do not face any problems. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: