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Volkswagen’s first large-scale SUV official map: Prado had to step aside – Sohu today in the new car market car China especially the SUV models achieved good market performance, it also spawned a series of new cars, and in the car in the field of absolute leader in SUV mass is not very good, in addition to a domestic Tiguan, another high-end Touareg is also only rely on imports, sales is not very good. But with the release of the first large SUV official figure, the public to force in the field of SUV. From the outside to see a lot of bright titanium blind eyes, it is understood that this car will be manufactured and sold in saic. It is understood that the new car is expected to debut at the 2016 Guangzhou auto show, and in the first quarter of 2017 officially listed in the country. From the picture, the design of G-SUV continuation of the popular CrossBlue concept car, the whole line is rough, feeling some American car style. G-SUV headlights and front bumper grille connected, double color collocation thick banners chrome grille, people feel very domineering, will provide 8 kinds of body color choices for consumers. Size, car length and breadth were 5039mm 1989mm 1773mm, the wheelbase is reached 2980mm, beyond the Volkswagen Touareg, close to Audi Q7, so at the end of the 7 seat layout. From the picture to see, 2.5T models rear logo is 530 V6, which is now the public label the highest models, compared to the previous glory 3.0T V6 engine is even higher than the 480 label. Interior, SAIC Volkswagen did not release interior official figure, but the new car will be consistent with the overseas version of Volkswagen Atlas. Power it will be equipped with 2.0TSI high and low power engine and 2.5T V6 engine. In the configuration of this popular new SUV generous, like 12.3 inch LCD instrument, interior atmosphere lamp, 4 USB interfaces, lane keeping, adaptive cruise control, 360 degree panoramic image, blind spot monitoring, 9 air bags are a lot like. This 2.5T engine is also the first time in the Chinese market, torque up to 500 cattle · m, even more than before the parameters on the 3.0T engine V6. It will be matched with DQ500 7 speed wet dual clutch gearbox. Front and rear row space, from the picture to see really not small enough to meet the daily needs. In addition to this flagship SUV also will be equipped with DCC dynamic suspension and 4 Motion four-wheel drive system, at the same time there are 8 driving modes available. This car can not sell a lot of Chinese people who are more concerned about the topic, but personally think that the most effect of the car market performance problem lies in its pricing, pricing is reasonable, very likely, it will become popular under a hot car. Car city special comments: new car consulting, used car shopping guide, car knowledge consulting, online interaction within 24 hours of communication, public concern about the number of WeChat car market.相关的主题文章: