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"Value" said old gun PK fresh meat to upgrade the war Zhou Jie called injustice scapegoat –   entertainment Sohu; Sohu in the entertainment news team meat audience wistfully waiting, the spirit of respecting differences and eliminate barriers of original talk show "word value combat" will be on September 12th (Monday) night 22:00 Zhejiang TV officially opened prelude. The premiere of the lineup of guests also collective appearance, rich life experience of the old gun team: Zhou Jie, Yueming Pan, Zhang Shaogang, Wan Feng, Li Qinqin; and the young fresh team members: Liu Xuan, Wu Shanru, Wang Xi, Shi Yang, Yang Di, Liu Dongqin, Jean Zhang Ermao, high. Moderator by Zhao Yiou served as the father of Wang Weizhong, who served as the speaker of the value of the officer, the two firmly hold the "justice" camp, there are pinch each other also have mutual help, you come to me, laugh fruit constantly. The guests are divided into two camps according to their age and social experience. They express their views and discuss freely. The first phase of the program, the old gun team talk meat "those things" of the Internet, with the accumulation of life impact fresh youth. The scene staged a kind of intergenerational values clash? September 12th (Monday) evening 22:00 Zhejiang satellite TV "speech value war" for you, please look forward to. "Escape" and "hit"? Another reason! Zhou Jie strong response despite the "Princess" Premiere is already 17 years ago, but "Kang" is still active in everyone’s sight. Zhou Jie was immersed in the play acting raised a "unique expression package" hurricane popular network media, most notably Zhou Jie a few years ago because of accident, security incidents, negative ridden, public outcry. Although Zhou Jie’s agent said, there is misunderstanding, Zhou Jie himself is also the first time through a variety of channels issued a statement, but it is an across the screen, users do not seem to buy it. From Zhou Jie’s every word and action has become the focus of attention of netizens. Until Zhou Jie spoke a moment ago, everyone did not think he will make such remarks at the scene. When Wan Feng published view, all people are destroyed by the network source was wrong to you, Zhou Jie could not restrain his excitement, before the host name, the body has stood up. He boldly said, this is the first time he tells these details and why, in all the encouragement he swallowed his throat, the courage to the history. In the face of "hit and run" he clarified later an apology and compensation, is completely under the "confession" of public opinion Public clamor can melt metals. In the process of telling Zhou Jie very calm, like pretending relieved, but does not know that he will hold speech card has betrayed his mood. Accident news had spread for 1 years, a stomach grievances and boredom is finally found to resolve. The "798 hit security events in the view of Zhou Jie is some evidence has threatened to make groundless accusations, has yet to appear, let him feel very helpless, but for a few words with the word" please ". Although these things have been in the past, but again so he is still frowning, for a long time can not be calm. Guest comments!相关的主题文章: