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Internet-Marketing It was also discovered that there was something else that was even more important for the effectiveness of banner ads. This has to do with the relevance of the advertising. Despite a false start in the early days, banner advertising has matured and is now firmly established in the internet marketing world. In its’ early days, it was assumed that the World Wide Web was an improvement on the Television and therefore many mistook it for an advertising medium. Several billion dollars later, they were proved wrong. The Internet is in fact interactive information medium that is more of an improvement on the telephone than anything else. It is a place where people hate to be advertised to just the way most folks loathe those telephone solicitations. In fact the less something looks like an ad the better the response it seems to generate. Hence the huge success Google Adsense contextual ads have continued to enjoy. However it was also discovered that there was something else that was even more important for the effectiveness of ads. This is the relevance of the advertising. If somebody is searching for some certain information and .es across advertisements that relate to what they are looking for then chances of them clicking at the banner ad are increased dramatically. More importantly the likelihood of them ending up making a purchase is also increased dramatically. Still banner ads have their very important use. Mostly they can be used very effectively to enhance the image of a web based business on the .. Utilizing banner ads as a website promotion tool will generate sales especially when a new business starts to get exposed online to a huge audience. Contrary to what some webmasters think, no amount of full color flashy graphics can replace the importance of banner ads being placed where they are most relevant. That is precisely how banner ads work best. When they are carefully targeted so online audiences will find them during their highly relevant search for information. Tests and research have also proved that when banner advertisements are made to merge with the look of a web site and are made to appear as much as possible like the rest of the content and background on the site, then the response dramatically improves. These are some key rules on banner advertisements that will make them much more profitable for the user. Inter. advertising with banner ads has their own unique qualities that will boost web sales. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: