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Games Tom and Jerry is one famous cartoon shows that airs all across the globe on multiple cartoon channels. With this catchy, interesting, and funny concept, kids of all ages including adults find this great show Addicting. This is a show that will never end its great story and the saga continues with each episode. Tom and Jerry showcases different and funny aspects in lives of this dynamic cat and mouse duo and if you are interested in a funny series that does not have a useless concept, this show is worth watching with your children. What is the story of Tom and Jerry? The story of this great show is pretty simple. There are two animals, a cat and a mouse. The mouse is the good guy who always goes about his day normally. It is in this great show that many kids enjoy the simplicity of chasing and running around. The other character is Tom, also known for being the big mean cat who bullies and hurts the young mouse Jerry every time. The two characters are always joking for their audience because of the fact that they chase each other constantly. What is so interesting about the two characters is that everybody who watches this show like the mouse instead of the cat. Why? Because Jerry the mouse is so nice where on the other hand, Tom the cat is mean. The point of this great show is to show how two different animals cannot live with each other very well. The show usually has Tom trying to eat, kill, or get Jerry away from the house that he lives in. Several episodes have shown Tom caring for Jerry at times with Jerry doing the same thing for Tom. This is a very rare thing that happens, how sweet. Playing Tom and Jerry Games Tom and Jerry is so cool of a show that it has made many people create funny games around its theme. There are games which simply allow for you to run away from Tom and other games which involve hurting the annoying Tom. The show has a simple concept with the majority of games usually following that simple idea as well. The games that you will find are usually very fun and something that your children are surely going to enjoy playing with you. Since Tom and Jerry are characters that children love, you will find your kids also enjoy this great television show a lot. The two animals are always rivals and will continue to be rivals in each and every episode. Tom and Jerry games online are a great means for relaxation and doing something that promotes family bonding for you and your children. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: