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Global tourism + tourism statistics reform "roof sample" Global Travel + big data, how will get a result? On the roof, people are surprised to find: the scenery is beautiful but the remote location of the Nanping Township, with a maple leaf red with a yellow South Road, one of the eight spot base recognized users. The original is biased and inaccessible after the shore village, rely on rural leisure tourism to achieve green development of the green mountains and rivers, gorgeous turn. Hiding deep in the mountains of the streets of the town of Jinman village, with graffiti from the poor hat, no smell, once quiet little village, attracted tens of thousands of visitors to the city……. In the global tourism "baton", in the big data "incubator", the roof of the villages, is a butterfly, show the unique charm of rural tourism. Today, Tiantai county is committed to create a national comprehensive tourism demonstration zone, is the province’s tourism statistics reform pilot counties as the starting point, tries to set up the global tourism development, tourism related industries covering all elements, scientifically and accurately reflect the new pattern of tourism statistics tourism contribution to the development of the national economy, explore the Tiantai tourism statistics reform "sample form". Cross as a peak, near and far different level of global tourism, need the whole angle of view 6 years ago, visitors to the tourism Tiantai County, only a scenic, scenic area, Hua Guoqing Shilianghe top spot center view so it is popular. Pronto, Tiantai village has undergone great changes, with A new force suddenly rises. countryside leisure travel, tourism transformation from "tourist attractions" to "global travel". In a continuous line of tourists, a rooftop global tourism charm "burst table" the best evidence. However, most of the global tourism income, did not enter the category of tourism statistics. For a long time, tourism statistics only include scenic spots, star hotels, travel agencies and other tourism enterprises. Because rural tourism no ticket sales, farmhouse, accommodation and income was abruptly, box outside the original scope of tourism statistics. The roof but standing in the global tourism tide, have to face such an extremely complex system of tourism statistics. "Tourism statistics must accurately reflect the contribution of tourism to global tourism GDP, reflecting the increase of farmers’ income affordable, reflecting the consumption of tourists, there is no accurate statistics, it is difficult to make global tourism scientific and reasonable judgment and decision making." Tiantai County, the main person in charge said that the first reform of the county tourism statistical reform is to solve the problem of tourism statistics caliber. This reform, Tiantai County difficulties, define the content and scope of the tourism statistics, breaking the original pattern changes to the global tourism attractions, tourism mode, change from the ticket economy to industrial economy. September 2015, the roof was identified as Zhejiang county tourism statistics reform county, officially launched the provincial tourism statistics reform road. Continuation of the tourism project No. 1 caught the work situation, the establishment of the Tiantai County, departments, towns linkage grasp the leadership of the statistical reform system. The principal leaders of the county government as head of the leading group, tourism deputy magistrate, county committee and full-time deputy head of the deputy governor in charge of agriculture, the pilot work of Tiantai County tourism statistics reform the tourism statistics and the relevant units responsible for human members of the leading.相关的主题文章: