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Tianjin four year old girl was left in the "school bus" suffocation regulatory vacuum stuffed tragedy Beijing – 4 year old forgotten in a graceful closed private car, it is a kindergarten where she Hedong District of Tianjin city bus "". More than 8 hours later, from morning till evening, she was found by the driver. No one knows what the girl has gone through. Her father Cheng Yong (a pseudonym) and mother Wang Ping (a pseudonym) rushed to the hospital, see her lips, neck bruising, stiff, had died of suffocation. The driver for maintenance of brake will be forgotten in the car girl sad father Cheng Yong of Chinese Youth Daily? Youth online reporter said, two days ago, when he closed his eyes as if back in the morning: pigtails Tingting, wearing orange T-shirt and a pink skirt, carry a small bag, cheerfully pull your hand bouncing down the stairs, sitting on a kindergarten school bus". It was about 7:45 in the morning of September 7th, the last of his daughter. The 17 day, he come to the waiting point of her daughter from school, but received kindergarten phone, told him that the child is a hospital. When he arrived at the hospital, only to see the doctor and the dead child, did not see anyone in the kindergarten. According to preliminary investigation of East of Tianjin City Public Security Bureau, September 7th 8 pm, Zhang kindergarten driver driving a private car from home to the Tingting kindergarten, in the kindergarten door maintenance and brake antecedents in the car left forgotten girl. 16:50 Xu, Zhang found the girl was forgotten in the car, then call 120, will be sent to a nearby hospital, the girl died after rescue. After the incident, Zhang and Zhao Moujun was the principal driver of kindergarten control. According to the reporter, the relationship between husband and wife and the principal driver system. They opened the sunshine bilingual kindergarten, is located in Hedong District of Tianjin city residents in Jingtai bungalows, belong to the private property. 9, 7 pm, Chinese youth youth online? The reporter comes to the kindergarten, the door closed with a transparent glue a piece of paper, above handwritten four words, "this holiday". The gate is closed. The occasional individual parents riding the electric car to send their children to the nursery door, the house will be out of the young teacher opened the door, the parents and children bring in, a few minutes after sending out. According to a parent said, kindergarten teacher said holiday, let the children go home and notice. This nursery next to a residential building, the layout is simple, the right is a row with a color plate into the bungalow, left about 5 meters wide area is arranged in a plastic runway, as the children’s playgrounds. The door on the right side of the wall of small ramp, it is the day of the incident "school bus" parking position. The time to pick up the grandson school resident surnamed Chen said: "I saw the child was taken out of the car, the arms and legs are falling off." No one even think about it, there will not be such a tragedy from Tingting home to kindergarten, only a few minutes by car. Earlier this year, around and after a field investigation, Wang Ping found this home from about two stations in the private kindergarten, I heard that the operation for many years, there are outdoor activities;相关的主题文章: