This group of people in Quanzhou live 5 pry bank safe deposit box users call

This group of people in Quanzhou live 5 pry bank safe deposit box users call to carry out two consecutive weeks of beautiful newspaper network interactive live "Laolai" catch, today is third. Shishi Court seized 61 of the debtor in the bank opened the deposit box business. Before the announcement has been made, after November 3rd has not taken the initiative to the court to fulfill their obligations, it is necessary to open the deposit box, and seized the box related items. If the safekeeping case is found to conceal the property and refuses to perform the crime, the public security organ shall be prosecuted for criminal responsibility. So that’s what I’m going to do this morning! Live pry! Pry! Pry! The opening and closing work of the safekeeping box of the case involved. First of all, the locksmith carrying professional equipment began to pry in Shishi a bank, the original bank safe so long, long experience there! Pry one, the executive is 29 years old Liu, 4 years ago, and his older than a year old Cai Moujin fell in love with each other, two people from Shishi Zhi Zhi Town, until the birth of a child did not apply for marriage registration. Shishi Health Planning Bureau in June 18th last year made a collection of social support fee notification, decided to collect "husband and wife" 39782 yuan social support fee, but 40 thousand dollars, must have done so pry bar! They’re all gold jewelry after the pry! BIG brother bright blind eye which is rich but is most proud brother brother: brother does not owe! Then pry second, third are empty, fourth, harvest!! This is the depository of Cai Moucao, the executor. Cai Moucao Shishi Kam Town, Zhang Mouguang and her husband were in business 7 years ago, the couple repeatedly commissioned a Jinjiang company for washing processing on the clothing, but also has not owed 95 thousand yuan. It was the gold in the floor, and the law enforcement officers had been waiting for a long time. This morning, we had 5 boxes! In the course of execution, the court will transfer the criminal responsibility to the public security organ if the debtor is found to open the deposit box to conceal the property and refuses to perform the crime or be suspected of committing the crime. >

泉州这群人直播撬5个银行保管箱 网友大呼漂亮 本报连续开展两周网络互动直播抓“老赖”后,今天是第三场。石狮法院查获了61名被执行人在银行开户保管箱业务。之前已经发布公告了,对于11月3日之后还没有主动到法院履行义务的,就要开启保管箱,并扣押箱内相关物品。如发现被执行人开户保管箱以隐匿财产拒不履行、涉嫌犯罪的,将移交公安机关追究刑事责任。所以今天上午要做的事就是这个啦!直播撬!撬!撬!对涉案的保管箱实施开启和查封工作。首先,锁匠携带专业的设备在石狮某银行开始撬了,原来银行保管箱长这样,长见识了有木有!撬开一个了,这个被执行人是29岁的刘某筑,4年前,和比大他一岁的蔡某锦相爱两人均来自石狮市祥芝镇,直到生了孩子也没办理结婚登记。石狮市卫计局于去年6月18日作出征收社会抚养费告知书,决定收取“夫妻”39782元社会抚养费但就4万块钱的事,非得搞成这样了撬吧!撬开之后都是金饰啊!亮瞎BIG哥的眼这可比哥有钱但哥最自豪的就是:哥不欠钱啊!接着撬第二个、第三个都是空的,第四个,有收获了!!这是被执行人蔡某草的保管箱。蔡某草石狮锦尚镇人,和丈夫张某光都在经商7年前夫妻俩多次委托晋江一公司对其服装进行水洗加工,但欠了9.5万元一直没还。又是满地的金饰,执法人员排了好久今天上午一共撬了5个保管箱!法院在执行过程中如发现被执行人开户保管箱以隐匿财产拒不履行、涉嫌犯罪的,将移交公安机关追究刑事责任。>相关的主题文章: