The world championships in Beijing Fengtai racing vehicle model remote control driver to comp mkdv-02

The world championships in Beijing Fengtai racing vehicle model   remote control driver to compete for the world’s top car king "- Society – August 25 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Xu Ye) 2016 World Championship vehicle model millions of remote fans waiting in Beijing today, Fengtai kicked off. On the same day, at the Fengtai Sports Center, the world in the field of vehicle model teams, drivers, fans are crazy 110 electric touring car officially start, nearly 150 riders from 24 countries and regions to participate in the project competition. The world championships will last until August 27th. The world’s top racing driver to the world championship is the vehicle model vehicle model field of the most influential international event, held once every two years, this is the first time in Chinese held. The world championships set a total of 2 games, 110 electric touring car and 112 electric road race. From 24 countries and regions in the world, more than 200 world-renowned players to participate in the competition. 110 Electric Touring Car Championship as the "crown of the most dazzling gems", and racers reached 150 people. The event attracted a large number of heavyweight riders from around the world, the British driver Andy Moore, the German driver Marc Rheinard, the Swedish driver Alexander Hagberg and other world champions have come to compete. This event by the World Federation of motor vehicle model, vehicle model, the Asia Pacific Sports Federation, the State Sports General Administration of ATC center China vehicle model Sports Association, Beijing City People’s Government of Fengtai District hosted Beijing city model Sports Association, Beijing Sports Bureau, Beijing City, Fengtai District City, Fengtai District City, Beijing Sports Association, Fengtai Sports Center Management Office, Beijing Automobile Museum Co. The vehicle model Sports Federation Chairman Dallas, Asia Pacific vehicle model Sports Federation Chairman Trevor, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration of air traffic control center Wang Lei, the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau deputy inspector Lu Hongze, President of the Beijing Sports Association, vice Baosuo model Liu Fengtai District District People’s Government week long spring, Development Department, the Ministry of Education Sports Health and art education our body health, Youth Sports Division of the State Sports General Administration of Chinese International Institute of science and education and Comparative Education Research Institute, Fengtai District Sports Bureau leaders and guests attended the opening ceremony. Build the vehicle model sports center in the world championships for the world hobby vehicle model sports friends set up exchanges, show skills and friendship platform, will better promote the exchange and development of the world sports culture and vehicle model. The opening ceremony, the Chinese characteristics of the Chinese inspired performances, to the world to convey the enthusiasm of Beijing, Fengtai. Fengtai District attaches great importance to the important role of sports events in international exchanges, showing the regional image of fashion, vitality and health. In recent years, Fengtai District vehicle model movement of capital and technology continued to build the physical characteristics of the brand, professional and first-class facilities of new track, many organizations at home and abroad to carry out the players vehicle model contest, as Beijing and Chinese vehicle model motion gathering. Successfully held in 2011 Beijing international vehicle model相关的主题文章: