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Network-Marketing O.K. Let me first say this: when I hear the word ‘Mompreneur,’ I have a vision of a cutsied up little mom, dabbling at a home business knowing that her successful Corporate-America husband will pay the bills and the payment on her BMW X-5 with 2 car seats in the back. No one takes her seriously and sees her mostly as a mom and certainly not as a career woman. So, may I mention that I am a mom and an entrepreneur, so I guess that makes me a ‘Mompreneur,’ but let me tell you, if the vision above comes to your head, buddy, you’d better take your hand and slap it upside your head for me! I was at a recent Internet Marketing event called the ‘No Excuses Summit.’ I was very surprised by the line-up of presenters throughout the weekend because most of them were young, successful millionaire entrepreneurs who reached their millionaire status in their 20’s. It was a confidence-killer for me being 35 and not having reached millionaire status. That feeling only lasted a few short minutes only because I realized that these young, single, ‘kidless’ entrepreneurs had nothing but time to figure out Internet Marketing! I now realize that I am a freaking Wonder Woman! I am on track to achieve my goal of becoming a millionaire by the age of 40. That said, I will have learned about a whole new industry of network marketing with two kids in tow. My kids are very young. At any given time, I will hear, ‘M-A-M-A, where aaaaare yoooouuu’ as I hide in the garage trying to get my articles written. After my articles are written, I have to clean up the house quickly to make sure it doesn’t smell like poop, only to follow that up with dinner, baths and bedtime. Then go back to my ‘garage office,’ to catch up on training, or follow up calls, or whatever else had to go on the back burner for the short work day that I had. Don’t get me wrong. I am in no way belittling the levels of success these entrepreneurs have achieved. It is still remarkable and I realize it took dedication and commitment beyond what most 20-somethings would be willing to give. I am, however, giving major props to the moms who have made a decision to NOT put their career dreams on the back burner and tackle them while keeping up a house and raising kids. I have seen so many moms put their own goals and dreams on the back burner for their kids. I’m not willing to do that. I am not willing to lose a piece of myself for kids. Yes, I will sacrifice sleep and many other things to achieve MY goals and also give my kids what they need. I do what I do in order keep a balance between ME as a career woman, and ME as a mother. It’s a tough balancing act being a ‘Mompreneur!’ It isn’t always easy and it surely isn’t always fun! That said, mothers are given an innate ability to juggle and to balance life. The next time I run across a ‘Mompreneur’ networking group, rest assured I’ll be attending! Instead of having the idea that it will be a bunch of mediocre, career wannabes, I will expect to find women with higher aspirations in life just like I have! I will not quit, I will not fail, I will succeed for all the moms out there who thought their life had to go on the back-burner because they have a house to run. To hell with that! We can do that and still have our career goals! We ARE ‘Mompreneurs! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: