The villa villa bloom international cultural event; the two stage writing Luneng Yosemite area

The quintessence of international cultural event  ? Villa villa two bloom; writing Luneng Yosemite area D China manner — property — people news, Fenghua opera quintessence flavor, recently, Luneng Yosemite D district "quintessence? Villa" charm attack. In the "Oriental Renaissance" background, Yosemite D gift to offer eastern aesthetics and art feast, to practice as a form of performance of classical aesthetics China traditional opera, staged a visual and auditory feast, Yosemite D zone two, the quintessence of art. Writing style Chinese. The feast of the beauty of life, the history of thousands of years, driven by the world’s the one and only gave birth to the Chinese culture, Confucianism culture core, and China opera as the "quintessence" is the best expression of traditional culture. Recently, the drama stars gathered in the name section of the quintessence of traditional culture in the same well versed in Chinese Yosemite D District staged in thousands of years of Chinese culture, from "Monkey King", "energy-saving", "Mu Guiying command", "Drunken Beauty" and the essence of "singing excerpts, profound quintessence"; after five string Pipa virtuoso Fang Jinlong, opera door Zhang Xuehong, calligrapher Yu Dan and other art masters gathered, interpretation of a China art quintessence culture and innovation Chinese highest living culture and fusion. Finally, in the sound of chanting poetry to Solitaire in the Yosemite area D two "world because of me China officially kicked off. The traditional aesthetics of the ultimate interpretation of the building, is an important cultural heritage, it reflects the national character and inherent charm. Yosemite area D is born out of traditional culture in contemporary China, China aesthetic activation of traditional culture of new Chinese style courtyard villa. The essence of architectural aesthetics Yosemite area D extraction Chinese Ming Qing four flourishing, with doors, wooden grille, yunleiwen, back word lines, drum stones, roof cornices Chinese architectural symbols, modern art in the traditional interpretation of contemporary culture, Chinese. A closer look at these Ming Qing spirit of aesthetics, can be found in Yosemite D area does not rigidly adhere to the traditional original move engraved, but the aesthetic essence of China inheritance of traditional culture, through innovation and technology of contemporary Chinese architecture, build contemporary East West technical aesthetic spirit. Especially the courtyard of innovative design of Yosemite D District, built in the contemporary fully inclusive and equitable quality of life style, expression of quiet, calm, good Chinese character. The new Chinese style courtyard villa in the area of D, not only has the beauty of contemporary Chinese courtyard, but also embodies the contemporary Chinese family feelings, creating a new height of contemporary Chinese architectural aesthetics. Under the spirit of the Chinese style is such a traditional culture to the extreme, but in the most international central villa area. Yosemite area D, the core of the central villa area, here is the foreign residential district of Beijing is the earliest and most mature, here are the most intensive Beijing international school, ISB, 14, Ding Shi Dewei international school, a Continental Plaza, Pinnacle Plaza, and small town square, COFCO auspicious clouds the five major commercial center, as well as numerous golf, equestrian club)相关的主题文章: