The use of illegal additives in Tianjin Baozipu boss jailed sorpack

The use of illegal additives in Tianjin Baozipu boss jailed hunger breeds discontentment, food to safety first. All along, the tip of the tongue is a non touching high-voltage wire. Yesterday, the Hexi District Court on a public hearing on suspicion of production, sales do not meet the safety standards of food crime. Although the case did not cause a major security incidents and significant impact, but still the use of criminal means to combat the crime, the punishment of crime, indicating that the government’s attitude towards zero tolerance for food safety violations of criminal law. Also reminded businesses, integrity management, dishonesty will not only hit their own business, but also to bring their own lives tainted. In May 11th this year, the staff of the Hexi District market and quality supervision and Management Bureau of Zheng Baozipu business is sales of food sampling inspection, after inspection, the residues of the store in the process of making use of steamed wheat flour to exceed the standard aluminum, and Jeong according to law. In the court hearing the case that aluminum is one of the essential trace elements in human body, the medical profession that the total aluminum content is 100mg, as a kind of toxic metal elements, will not cause acute poisoning, but excessive intake may cause anemia, osteoporosis, Alzheimer disease and other accelerated. In this case the defendant’s conduct and direct the production of toxic and hazardous food or food incorporation will lead to different social harmfulness of acute poisoning substances, but insisted the guilty must be punished, proportionality principle, judgment, the defendant Zheng Moufan production, sales do not meet the safety standards of food crimes, sentenced to eight months, suspended for one year and fined 20000 yuan, in the period of probation, prohibited from engaging in food production, sales and related activities. The trial judge introduced the previous criminal trial against the field of food all kinds of illegal and criminal activities, these actions have produced harmful consequences, some now focus on the work of food safety from after the accident to crack down into early prevention, food safety accidents excluded, it is also a reminder to the majority operators, food safety is a high voltage line can not touch "". (reporter Han Intern Li Minghao)相关的主题文章: