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The producers in the China: Marriage in this film is important for people to find [Abstract] at the American film market Chinese forum, Chinese and foreign filmmakers around the "producer in Chinese" as the theme, to share their experiences and insights. The time reported the day before, the American Film Market Forum China opening on Tuesday held a theme of "production" activities in Chinese. This theme is getting more and more attention as the United States strengthens the demand for international entertainment market. Network magazine China File editor Jonathan Landreth as the host, the four guests on the stage. In the context of investors competing in the Chinese market to establish the status of the guests based on their own experience and the audience to share their views on this topic. 2016 Chinese film box office slowdown in the growth of Jonathan Landreth observed that Chinese film consumer spending slowed significantly in 2016. As a result, Ansley, a member of the China Hollywood Association, producer and executive director, Melanie, put forward her views on the film market. "Ghost field has been the focus of discussion," she explained, "this phenomenon refers to the theater sold all their tickets, but no theater audience, so the cinema can report a good movie at the box office, and then increase the actual numbers. Now we see the change, the government began to impose sanctions against this violation. What we have now is real numbers." "I hope this means we can try to diversify," she briefly said, "the film market always has a few big box office box office pillar, but in this slowing trend, hope the film more people to try different types of movies, because all types of movies are viewing needs." Since the Chinese government has limited the number of imports to the United States and other countries every year, filmmakers and producers have begun to explore ways to make their films available. Similar to Iqiyi online distribution platform provides the opportunity to meet with fans for a small investment and movies. Iqiyi senior vice president Yang Xianghua pointed out, they brought a huge number of movies, if there is no Iqiyi network platform, these works will not be Chinese viewers, and this model will bring them great success. "Through the Internet, we have released different types of movies, and 3000 new films are released on our platform this year. This figure does not include some of the old films released through the platform, so we actually have a library of about 10000 movie content, the audience can choose any movie." Many Hollywood movies released in the country to meet with the audience through the network Chinese Yang Xianghua then explained that they released the movie network resources to accept the same rules, but bear less financial risk, it also allows them to issue mode into investment worth a try. "It’s all the same," he said, referring to the rules that must be followed. "On the one hand, we examine ourselves, but we must obey the rules of the government. This is similar to China’s law, in practice, we must abide by these rules. But most important"相关的主题文章: