The pink pink girl in the pink house is all over the town oembios.bin

Thanks to the county girl favorite pink pink cottage in this county tourism in Chiang Mai and the Sohu – Pink cottage, is a girls worship County for scenic spots. In fact, the attractions are very small, if you look carefully, do not have to spend ten minutes. But women, like all kinds of pictures. If you put a variety of photos here, you can spend a few hours. However, the leisurely line is the way to visit the county worship. This flower is pink, not bright blooming, pale pink, as women like quiet. Even the tablecloth on the table is pink, put a small pot, basking in the sun. This is a convenience store. All the tables in front of the house are pink. A glimpse of the past, the feeling of being in a fairy tale world, point a cup of coffee here, or eat ice cream, you can meet the girl heart. In fact, the pink house is a bed and breakfast. Bright spot is all are pink, whether it is the roof of the house, or even around the furnishings, canteen and flowers, as well as the bias of pink gadgets. B & B placed in front of a lot of this stool, tired of sitting here and rest. Love this flower, give it a close-up! It’s a pity that no one has asked the name of the flower. Have a friend know please leave a message to tell me.相关的主题文章: