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The opening, the victim China comfort women historical museum only more than 19 of the original title: Chinese Museum of history of "comfort women opened according to Xinhua news agency, 22, Chinese" comfort women "History Museum of the Shanghai Normal University held the opening ceremony, the public display of all kinds of a number of" comfort women "for survivors donated monuments. According to reports, as of now, the mainland of China, only 19 victims alive. The museum houses for decades researchers investigated the Japanese comfort in the ruins of various relics, cultural relics related research donation, such as the Japanese wartime use of condoms, star Peru ointment; use to victim survivors sued passport; victim survivors to overseas documents and attend the hearing as China, the first to Japan claims the indictment. From Hainan, China and South Korea’s two comfort women survivors live on the scene about the suffering experience, and asked the Japanese government to apologize. "A lot of historical data, the victim’s testimony and personally Museum evidence have proved that the" comfort women "system is Japan’s wartime national crime, is anti humanity act." Su Zhiliang, director of the research center of Chinese comfort women in Shanghai Normal University. Su Zhiliang engaged in the study of the comfort women issue for more than and 20 years, he will be confirmed by the country’s research into the comfort map drawn in the museum. He said that the comfort of thousands of years, there are only 149 in Shanghai. According to the literature and the survey, there were 400 thousand women in the country who were sex slaves, half of whom were chinese. Today, only 19 Chinese mainland victims. Editor: Ni Zijian相关的主题文章: