The Old Star Wars Unimaginable World Of

Fiction Fantasy has always been the most loved genre for those who love to let the thoughts fly above realism and travel far away in the distant world, which has always been alien to humans. Avid readers can certainly not deny the fact that they enjoy reading fantasy as much as they enjoy reading any other genre no matter what their age or reading preference is. So, when we think of fantasy reading The Old Star Wars comes strikingly to ones mind as one of the mist phenomenal and gripping fantasy novel series that has captivated the hearts of many across the globe. For those who are new to The Old Star Wars, it is a fantasy fictional account of life beyond earth, established on an alien planet known as Zultorian, where a young scribe discovers the tormented life of a fellow Zultorian, Zoya who has lost herself on a planet called Earth. The Old Star Wars series is Trilogy, wherein the first book, The Odyssey Chronicles- The Life Of Zoya, tells its readers how someone as innocent as Zoya has gone through hardships of life on an alien planet with her Earthly family. The book also establishes the background of why she took the hard decision of travelling to the Earth and stayed for living a life of misery and horror. It also tells how her safe and calm visit turns into a suicidal one with nightmares, terror, darkness and a lot more. The beautifully entwined story of Zoya takes sharp turn in the second book of the trilogy named, The Odyssey Chronicles- A Wizards Tale, and tells its readers more about two powerful wizards, who have ruled the galaxies together with their powers at the epic, while they are enjoying the fruits of love and hatred in this hungry game of power. Together they created, ruled, destroyed and even enlivened the galaxies for their own as well their peoples good. It also tells how their strong bond of friendship loosened with the cracks of doubts and resulted in vengeance and end of world. By the time one moves one to the third Starwars book, The Odyssey Chronicles- The After World, it becomes increasingly difficult to believe that all that we are reading is just plain fiction with hardly any base of reality. Everything is so well etched and put together that a reader cannot truly believe that after the completion of book their imaginary world will end within the pages of the book. This is the power of Starwars book, which keeps you hooked to something non-existent with its unimaginable characters and events that keep one hooked to it as if they are all real and can face the mankind at some point of time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: