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Foreign Ministry: China firmly opposes the excesses of South Korea using the original title Chinese fishermen: Ministry of Foreign Affairs: firmly opposed to South Korea China fishermen use drastic means according to reports, South Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman said, the basic reason for the China Fishing law enforcement force is South Korea before the date of China illegal fishing boats. In this regard, China Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying today (4 days) told a regular press conference held, China is firmly opposed to the use of any possible threat to South Korea Chinese fishermen safety excesses. Hua Chunying said, yesterday afternoon, Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs responsible for the appointment of Korean embassy minister, on the Korean maritime police violence law enforcement problem representations and reiterated China’s position. Hua Chunying said, in the law enforcement on the use of firearms in South Korea, this position is clear and consistent, China is firmly opposed to any possible threat to South Korea to use the personal safety of Chinese fishermen excesses. The Chinese fishermen illegal operations should not be a public authority power for the use of Korean maritime police fire weapons. Hua Chunying stressed that China and South Korea has a long history of fishing, its solution requires time and wisdom, can not be achieved overnight. China has taken effective measures to strengthen the education and management of fishermen’s fishing boats, which made great efforts, this year the number of Chinese illegal fishing boats has dropped significantly compared with the same period last year. Hua Chunying said: I hope that the ROK and China towards the same direction, and with a long-term vision of development, scientific and rational view to properly handle relevant issues and to maintain calm and restraint in the process of law enforcement, to ensure that Chinese fishermen’s lives and property safety, take concrete actions to safeguard the overall situation of bilateral relations. (CCTV reporter   Chen Huihui; Editor: Wei Jun)相关的主题文章: