The man suspected of escape fire officers rescued the MLM dens falls in Beijing mmc.exe

The man suspected of escape fire officers rescued the MLM dens falls – Beijing Beijing in October 14 Zhangzhou Xinhua (Gao Zhaolin Zhu Bixing) 14 am, Fujian Province, Zhangzhou Longhai City, a man suspected of falls from a MLM dens escape, resulting in his left leg, badly mutilated, but fortunately the fire rescue personnel rushed to the hospital. Treatment. The same day at 4 pm, Zhangzhou City, 119 command center received the alarm call, Longhai Yan CuO Zhen Xia Zhuang post office opposite a house, a man falls, trapped in the roof. After receiving the alarm, Xiangcheng bridge fire squadron from the accident site near quickly dispatched 1 fire engines, 6 fire officers and soldiers rushed to the rescue scene. The fire brigade arrived at the scene after the accident, the inquiry that a man suspected of falling from the 5 floor in a 6 meter high roof houses, because houses are arranged adjacent to the network security, fire officers and soldiers in the houses erected by two side pull the ladder to the roof. After the medical staff to check, the man had been in a semi comatose state, left leg fracture, badly mutilated, to prevent damage to the two men in the rescue, fire officers and soldiers under the guidance of medical staff, carefully use the rope to the man fixed on the rescue stretcher, slow down to the ground, and quickly rushed to hospital. Afterwards, the fire brigade and the police to get rid of the houses adjacent to the five floor of the door, the house filled the floor, the initial suspected MLM dens, the details are further investigation. (end)相关的主题文章: