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Cancer There are many reasons why it is important for women to take charge of their health. It bears stating, however, that this isn’t about eschewing what doctors have to offer, but rather, it incorporates knowing what doctors do have to offer and taking advantage of it. While some women have mixed feeling about mammography – the .pression of breast tissue is highly un.fortable and the fact that it uses radiation feels less that ideal, many are finding that they feel quite excited about the idea of breast thermography. Having a thermal scan done is a .pletely non-invasive procedure that does not involve the use of any radiation so it is not only .fortable, it is entirely safe. Other benefits of breast thermography as a breast health screening modality include: Women of any age can take part: women can start getting thermograms in their 20s. This is huge because previously the only detection method available to a woman before her mid-to-late thirties was manual examination. Mammography cannot be used on young breast tissue because of it’s density, yet we know that there are some women who are at high risk of developing breast cancer who would benefit from screening before the average re.mended age. Breast thermography detects all changes in breast tissue physiology. Any change, no matter how small, can be seen. While this might seem overwhelming, it can actually help to have a record of those changes and be able to detect patterns. Some women, for example, have very fibrous breasts that are prone to developing fibrous cysts. In other cases, a very slow growing cancer might be detected years before it develops into anything, while in cases of aggressive fast-growing cancers, a thermogram quickly lets a woman know that there is an issue. Thermography can help encourage women to make lifestyle changes. It can be shown that changing one’s lifestyle in significant ways, such as quitting smoking, reducing stress, getting more quality sleep (or less, as needed) and eating a healthier diet can change the course one’s body is on. Thermography may have some apparent advantages, but it should be observed that it fits very well into the canon of detection methods. The best use would be to use it alongside self and doctor examinations and if necessary, other screenings. There are times when a thermographer will re.mend a mammogram, and this is as it should be. Rather than a stand-alone tool, think of thermography as an early tool that works well with all the other health monitoring tools available to us. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: