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The hot helm who then? – Hainan Channel – Li Tie entered the national football Xuanshuai view yesterday afternoon, Chinese Football Association President Cai Zhenhua open to the media to clarify, and not in Ukraine, before the game "push back" Gao Hongbo, not mentioned in a conversation to resign "two words. Although Gao Hongbo is the wrong understanding of the leadership of the Football Association. Due to the resignation of Gao Hongbo can make nothing of it, but yesterday has been Chinese by National Football Association executive committee, it is imperative to change. It is understood that China football in the original Perrin class, has received dozens of candidate recommendation materials including a number of well-known foreign coaches coach, one of the important direction of high level foreign coach is China Football Association’s football Xuanshuai, but because the Chinese team at this time in the 12 season zhanba 4 victories. Only 1 points, qualifying the situation in jeopardy, so the team coach of any "disk hand" is a hot potato. From the Football Association China full-time Executive Committee Yu Hongchen about "12 match as the main task led to the statement view, coach more" fireman "role, the Secretary General of the association Zhang Jian also made clear" China and relatively familiar with the Asian Football Xuanshuai ", in Lippi the top class coach temporarily cannot take over the case. Including Li Tie, Ma Lin and some have been or are currently active in the domestic occupation League foreign coaches have entered Xuanshuai vision, and it is expected to coach candidates in this month 20 days ago. Yesterday afternoon, the team reports Chinese long-term media reporters to China suddenly received a football news briefing notice, and in the morning, China Association executive committee held an emergency meeting for temporary, "Gao Hongbo’s sudden resignation of foot position" to discuss countermeasures. For Gao Hongbo in Ukraine, before Yetan in "grasp" means after the resignation of the leadership of the Football Association statement, chairman of the association Cai Zhenhua denied, Cai Zhenhua also revealed that after the game had asked Gao Hongbo to resign if the impulse, but because the latter from Italy, Chinese Football Association or respect the will, which means that the coach for work directly into the substantive stage. Chinese Football Association Secretary General Zhang Jian said in his opening remarks will ventilation, specific Xuanshuai program today will be drafted, Xuanshuai will draw lessons before the relevant work. For Xuanshuai direction, Zhang Jian replied, "in a relatively familiar China football, Asian Football Coaches in looking for", as coach soil or ocean? Zhang Jian said, "in the end, which is not the key, we will not be crossed, we have a specific standard through the normal mechanism of release, we have the relevant leadership team, following the technical team to accomplish this work, Zhang Jian words send a signal to the outside world, that is the national football coach selection the target will focus on coaching team was or is Chinese especially the occupation league team" familiar faces ". In fact, after Perrin in January this year, after class, China selected by the football association had open way to organize the national football coach, Xuanshuai range no time limitations, including Bielsa and Yang Shuai more than foreign registration materials are aggregated to the China Football Association technical department. Chinese Football Association had not previously denied the well-known, the ability of foreign coaches outstanding green相关的主题文章: