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Politics After successfully being passed through the Senate, and the House of Representatives, Congress has now forwarded the Gun Liability Bill to President Bush for his signature. There is no doubt that President Bush will endorse this bill, which gives limited protection to firearms dealers and manufacturers from liability lawsuits. This will not protect gun dealers, who are negligent in background checks, or who knowingly pass guns to criminals. Whatever your opinion of the second amendment, this seems to be common sense at a time when the U.S. legal system is backlogged with ludicrous liability suits.If you are sick and tired of foolish lawsuits, the gun lobby, Pentagon, and the National Rifle Association, have finally demonstrated how to stop them in their tracks. You need friends in high places, a highly skilled lobby, and a letter from the Pentagon will be a big help too! Lately, the U.S. fast food industry has been under legal scrutiny for contributing to obesity. Dont people have any willpower? Everyone knows fast food should be a rare treat, and some of us should stay away all together. Its a freedom of choice. You have the right to drive by the drive-thru and make a meal at home. Movies such as, Super Size Me, serve to educate the public and actually made McDonalds take a second look at their menu. This is a good thing, but foolish liability lawsuits serve to cripple our court system and strain small businesses pocketbooks. Pay attention McDonalds: You need to land a lot of defense contracts to have Big Brother in your corner. However, McDonalds might be able to improve the taste of rations. Its too late for the cigarette industry to recover from their losses. However, was it morally right for them to be exposed to an onslaught of liability suits? I am not in support of smoking, tobacco consumption, or the cigarette industrys sales tactics; but again, this is a matter of choice, and no one forces you to smoke cigarettes. The price of cigarettes alone should be enough to scare you off. Something is wrong with a legal system that allows the public to pass responsibility onto others. People have to claim responsibility for their own mistakes and quit passing the buck. This might hurt the legal industry a little, but the present system is breaking the back of U.S. citizens, small businesses, and some of the larger industries, as well. Copyright 2005 Paul Jerard / Aura Publications About the Author: 相关的主题文章: