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The Fuchun River river at the art museum completed Liz prize winner Wang Shu announced new – grams of Beijing, Beijing, September 12 Hangzhou Xinhua (reporter Zhao Yejiao Intern Liu Yuan) on September 12th, at the art museum opening ceremony "landscape declaration" exhibition opening ceremony press conference held in Fuyang District of Hangzhou City, to the public at the art museum as a representative the Fuchun Mountain Center buildings new appearance. As the Liz prize winner of the first prize of Chinese architecture, this is the largest prize after the creation of the works of Wang Shuji. As the Fuchun Mountain Center buildings of architectural art designers, The China Academy of Art school dean Wang Shu introduced at the press conference, in order to "live", explore the Fuchun landscape connotation of "mountain", he traveled more than 290 Fuyang village with team members, to carry out a deep investigation and research. Wang Shu stressed that the museum represents the depth and height of culture, can not be built, built up to stand. As the most representative works, the design concept of the public art gallery has always been a feature of Wang Shu’s natural and natural characteristics. At the beginning of the design, Wang Shu insisted on building and landscape integration concept, the relationship between architecture and landscape to create the Fuchun cross as a peak, near and far different level effect, the entire building is a landscape painting. At the same time, considering the influence of the Wang Shu Art Museum Society, with its multiple performance home can be substantial travel in the design, and ultimately the formation of mountain streams, with mountains, pictures, add a unique pattern of picture ". Gao Shiming, vice president of The China Academy of Art and curator of landscape declaration exhibition, gave a high evaluation to the design of public art gallery. He stressed that the building is a visual, auditory, tactile and thinking of the complex, the hope that the museum has a profound design, the atmosphere of the world outlook, Wang Shu and the people of Fuyang together to do a major event. At the same time, Gao Shiming also introduced the landscape declaration exhibition preparations. It is reported that this exhibition has invited several art institutions including the the Imperial Palace Museum, Nanjing Museum, Zhejiang Museum, raising a total of more than 30 pieces of yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties in his works of calligraphy and painting, as the representative of the "four yuan" all return, intention to devote a authentic landscape art feast the audience. Conference, Hangzhou city Fuyang district Party committee, propaganda minister Zhao Yulong said at the art museum in his hometown of Fuyang was completed, is the extension and inheritance of history and art. At a cost of 500 million yuan, with lots of the best side of the Fuchun River to the construction of large public cultural facilities, and at the art museum’s goal is not only to become the best Museum in Zhejiang Province, but also do the best in the China art museum. It is understood that the museum, art museum, archives of "three hall one" formed the Fuchun mountain museum buildings, mountains and water look, is located in the former residence in the Fuchun River River, since 2011 the project establishment, Zhejiang Province as the major public cultural facilities, which lasted five years, was finally completed. The opening ceremony of the "landscape" Declaration of the opening ceremony of the exhibition will be unveiled in September 23rd, will run for three months, will be held during a series of professional guides and academic activities. (end)相关的主题文章: