The first sign of Guangdong Belt and Road Initiative cooperation agreement 9c8814

The first sign of Guangdong Belt and Road Initiative "cooperation agreement on 15 September, according to Xinhua news agency, Hongkong News Department of the SAR government, the Hongkong SAR government, and the government of Guangdong Province signed the first on" The Belt and Road "letter of intent, the two sides will work together to play the future Hongkong super contact and Guangdong manufacturing industry developed advantage, support and guide the Guangdong enterprises to join hands to" The Belt and Road along the country’s investment and development. Hongkong SAR chief executive Liang Zhenying 14, led a delegation to Guangzhou, and Guangdong delegation headed by Zhu Xiaodan, governor of Guangdong province held the nineteenth meeting of the joint conference. At the meeting, both sides signed 9 cooperation agreements, including the "Guangdong Hong Kong to participate in the national" The Belt and Road construction "letter of intent". According to reports, cooperation mainly covers four major areas, including the deepening of international trade in services in Hongkong and Guangdong to promote cooperation, complementary advantages, and strengthen the "market docking The Belt and Road along the country; deepen cooperation in investment, financial services; strengthen the legal, accounting and other professional services for shipping services; deepen cooperation. The Hongkong monetary authority has set up a "Promotion Office" infrastructure financing, for the mainland and Hongkong, "The Belt and Road along the country’s investors, provide an exchange of information and experience sharing platform for the promotion of infrastructure investment and financing activities. In addition, Hongkong will jointly invest more investment promotion activities with the Guangdong provincial government departments and relevant business institutions, to strengthen the propaganda of Hongkong as an ideal platform for mainland enterprises to "go out", and encourage enterprises in Guangdong by the Hongkong business advantage, expand the "one with a road along the country’s business. The government is also actively preparing for the launch of 200 million Hong Kong dollars "professional service Xiejin support program, support the professional services industry in Hongkong to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with overseas market, Guangdong province and other areas of related industries. In addition to the "The Belt and Road, Guangdong and Hong Kong next year and other key areas of cooperation include innovation and technology, youth exchanges, tourism, environmental protection and education etc..相关的主题文章: