The first batch of New Zealand earthquake stricken areas of Chinese tourists have been safe transfer

The first batch of New Zealand trapped in the earthquake stricken areas Chinese visitors have been safely transferred – Beijing China seismic network officially measured, Beijing time on 19 November 13th 2 (14 days 0 when local time 2 points) in New Zealand (42.53 degrees south latitude, 173.05 degrees east longitude) 8 earthquake occurred, focal depth of 10 km. The picture shows the people of New Zealand’s capital Wellington outdoor refuge. Through various efforts, Chinese in New Zealand’s South Island Christchurch (Christchurch) Consulate General in the morning of 14 deployed two helicopters, to the earthquake in New Zealand town ikura and found Kay, 21 trapped China tourists there, currently the first batch of 6 tourists have been successfully transferred to Christchurch, properly resettlement. The 7.5 earthquake occurred in the South Island of New Zealand central region 14 am local time, the earthquake has caused 2 deaths, civil defense authorities issued a tsunami warning after the earthquake emergency. Chinese Christchurch in New Zealand Consulate staff of 14 at noon on a helicopter, and some media reporters rushed to Kate Kula, then find the trapped China tourists, including 19 passengers and two individual tours. The afternoon local time, Christchurch Consulate General and transferred to a helicopter for the transfer of the trapped tourists. Due to the limited capacity of the helicopter, the need to transfer batches of tourists. It is understood that the first batch of 6 tourists safe transfer to Christchurch, accommodation have been properly placed. According to the rescue plan formulated by the consulate, the transfer of all trapped tourists is expected to be completed today. Kay Kula town is located in the east coast of the South Island of New Zealand, is a local tourist attraction, a relatively dense population. Although not the epicenter of the earthquake, but several aftershocks followed, especially the strong aftershocks of magnitude 5 or so severely damaged the town, becoming the hardest hit. The town is communicated with the outside road has been interrupted, the Prime Minister of New Zealand John? Based on the morning of 14 by military helicopter has arrived here, the relief work has been carried out. (Ma Xiao) (Xinhua special feature)相关的主题文章: