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The corruption scandal in Spain – Hubei Channel – drag cabinet September 28th, the Spanish parliament will cancel the judicial immunity of members of both houses of the vote, the party still cast against it. The centrist Civic Party leader Rivera said that if the party does not comply with the agreement signed between the two parties, including the suppression of corruption within the party, will not support the people’s party second cabinet. Earlier this month, the Spanish Deputy Prime Minister, people’s party leader Rajoy in a parliamentary vote failed on stage, triggered from all walks of life to Spain could successfully form a cabinet, to avoid the third election concerns, the Spanish people once again to focus on the problem of corruption in the people’s party, says the party failed to get root cabinet support is the corruption within the party. Recent progress in a series of corruption investigations has deepened the public’s concern. As the highest number of votes in the two election, most likely to form the government’s largest party, the people’s party corruption scandal continues. Former Valencia mayor Barbera, former Balearic Islands President Mattus, former finance director Barcena, the people’s party and people’s party officials have been before the corruption scandal broke. On the one hand, a few years ago, corruption has made new progress. Mattus reached a preliminary agreement with the anti-corruption prosecutor’s office, will submit a confession confession of his crimes, in order to reduce the penalty. Almost at the same time, Barcena J announced the abolition of the people’s party to prosecute the crime of destroying computer data. The anti-corruption prosecutor’s office a few months ago officially confirmed the people’s party committed the crime of destroying evidence, in October to a critical period of trial, Barcena J was accidentally dropped, which increases the social from all walks of life to the people’s party internal shady speculation. On the other hand, the new corruption clues surfaced, to further deepen the people’s question to the people’s party. Many of the corruption case, Bella Barr money laundering case became the people’s party fatal weakness". Barbera served as the city of Valencia for 24 years, the people’s party as a national model mayor. At last Barbera was revealed to have bribery and money laundering by public accounts. Since he has been elected to the Senate, and the Senate is immunity protection, the Supreme Court has the power to investigate and cannot be classified as the defendant. Public opinion here, the people’s party is deliberately elected Barbera as senator. Barr Bella case is regarded as the breakthrough point to fulfill people’s party anti-corruption commitment. At present, many people’s party officials to declare, hope Barbera voluntary resignation, investigation. Barbera said he would not resign. Spain’s political woes have been going on for months. Along with Basque of Galicia and local elections approaching, Spain’s political crisis not only increase. Some analysts believe that the people’s party government has not enough support, is the accumulation of corruption bill. Even more serious is that the Spanish people do not know where to vote in the hands of. Compton, a professor of political science at the University of Madrid Julian? Santa Maria told reporters that if the people’s party for corruption, but not enough to trust, but was criticized as "no vision" of the socialists, internal division of the Populist Party "we can" party can not make people satisfied. The parties must change from within, from the big picture相关的主题文章: