The airport discovered Meizu & Star Trek huge poster suction eye of numerous Sohu

The airport discovered Meizu & Star Trek "huge poster suction eye of numerous Sohu entertainment" Star Trek "and" Star Wars "Hollywood is recognized as the two super science fiction IP. With "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars" in September 2nd release date approaching, heat related topics is also gradually go high. Recently, some users found the Meizu and "Star Trek 3 at Qingdao Airport: beyond the stars" jointly launched a huge poster, caused a lot of conjecture. From the photos, posters for the horizontal version, the upper left corner is the Meizu logo, the main copy for "Star Trek 3 beyond the stars" and "the pursuit of love from mobile phone meizu". The right side is the two handsome pine, starring Quinto and Meizu synthetic mobile phone renderings, the poster is the background of the cosmos. Exploration of the universe, is the "Star Trek" theme film series that is consistent, and constantly go beyond the self, the pursuit of the ultimate Meizu brand concept fit. Also worth pondering is Meizu with "Star Trek" this form of cooperation. One possibility is to employ the movie characters as a spokesperson, has now become the best magic marketing endorsements, in the mobile phone industry is also numerous precedents. Before HTC had to do with the iron man spokesperson, HUAWEI also invited Superman to do spokesmen, do not rule out Meizu also have this idea. As for the overall brand endorsement or spokesperson for a single product, it is unknown. Another possibility is that placement, recent Hollywood blockbuster "Independence Day" and "3" American rivals can see many domestic brands, and after another Internet mobile phone manufacturers, one plus mobile phone into "house of cards", but also on large fry. This form may not be very good to show the characteristics of the product, but to enhance the brand awareness is also a powerful boost. Of course, these are speculation, does not rule out other more interesting forms of cooperation. Meizu & "Star Trek" will jointly bring what kind of surprise for fans of science and technology, we will continue to pay attention to.相关的主题文章: