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UnCategorized Even if you are not going to wear anything flashy and sassy in the hospital or in clinics, you can still be sexy when you wear landau tops. The most common problem that women in the medical field find is the sense of fashion being put into oblivion. Of course you are not expected, if you are insane enough, to not wear anything that is flashy or sassy while doing your clinical duties. Can you imagine your self wearing this sexy spaghetti strap blouse while attending to a patient from a vehicular accident? Most likely you are not going to work efficiently with that. The well that is what your uniform is basically there for. If you think that wearing your uniform is spoiling the fashionista and stylist in you, then here are the top reason why you still should love your landau tops. 1. Just put it on and you are good to go. Unlike wearing a tube top or a halter blouse that requires a lot of looking in the mirror from side to side back and front just to make sure that it fits you well, or that not one of the buttons or the zipper or any of the locks in the wrong place, this one will not give you an inch of a problem. This saves you a lot of time. You can just put it on a few minutes before you leave the house and you will still be sure that you look nice, not a thing out of place or anything like that. 2. Simple yet flashy. Whenever you get to see someone in uniform, you instantly feel that kind of respect. You would easily feel that there is something in the attire that they are wearing that looks really nice. This product maybe obscure when you compare it to a Victoria Beckham attire but in its utmost simplicity you can find the flashy attitude hidden beneath the facade. 3. Nothing compares to comfort. As illustrated earlier, you would not like working on someone in an emergency situation in your spaghetti straps or tube blouse is that correct? Comfort should be the number one priority when you are working. The nature of this job especially needs focus and if you are wearing something that is uncomfortable, you are likely to lose your focus over the woes that you have on your clothes. 4. The lose fit is the perfect fit. You can just forget about it. It is pretty much like your pajamas when you are getting ready for sleep. This top will not make you worry about it being too tight on you. You are not even likely to become a subject of sexual assaults because of this. Just the perfect thing to get when you need your body needs to perform a lot of quick movements. 5. It signifies who you are and what you do. Can you ever distinguish who is a police officer, a teacher, a fireman, a business man or a doctor in a crowd if they are not wearing their uniforms or usual get up? Most probably you will find it hard to identify a persons job description if they are not in their usual get up. The same thing goes with this top. It signifies the nature of the job that you do. So if you are convinced by these reasons, what are you waiting for? Go and grab your landau tops now! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: