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South Korean people brewing demonstrations Portsmouth million anti scale or record – Sohu news [Global Times correspondent in South Korea Wang Wei] according to South Korean police and members of the community news, South Korea more than 1500 people in 12 groups will be held in Seoul at 4 p.m. on the third candlelight vigil, park Geun hye responsible for "requirement to step down cronies stem the door". Organizers estimate that there will be 500 thousand to 1 million people to participate in the rally, the size of the Korean people or a record of the demonstrations. Some analysts believe that this meeting will become an important watershed in the current situation, the rally scale and influence or decide "trusted politics door" into the situation. According to the South Korean economy, 11, 2009, the protesters will be at the beginning of 12, when the president began to surround the Chong Wa Dae in the form of air separation in. After the parade, 7 night began, many Korean cultural celebrities will attend gwanghwamoon near the "rally Cultural Festival", and public demonstrations and sit ins and other activities will be continued until the next day. South Korean MBC television reported that 11, three opposition party leadership and the Congress will attend this weekend for park Geun hye down "million people to protest", this may mean that the opposition was officially put into Anti Park Street protests. The common party leader Akimi Ai said on the 11, I hope the president of Park Geun hye immediately let go of the political, military rule and handed over to the prime minister right. The party also said the former leader in Yin, to the demonstration site and the masses will persist, and urged the park to step down as soon as possible. It is reported that in 12 days of demonstrations will also include Seoul mayor Pu Yuanchun, part of the South Korean governor and the elder statesman will also participate in. According to Yonhap reported on 11, in the face of unprecedented mass demonstrations, a series of moves to Chong Wa Dae. South Korean presidential spokesman Zheng Ranguo said on that day, the President Park Geun hye has confirmed that part of the media of Pu Jinhui in the world more sinking the cosmetic injections reported groundless. Reported that Chong Wa Dae came forward to clarify the rumors may be worried about the impact of fermentation media. According to South Korean Daily reported on 11, Pu Jinhui’s support rate continued to slump for two weeks. Polling agency Gallup South Korea released the same day, the survey results show that South Korean people’s support for park Geun hye for two consecutive weeks to maintain a maximum of 5%, especially the 20-30 year old population support rate of 0%. The ruling New National Party’s support rate also fell to 17%, a record low.相关的主题文章: