Simple 5 day diet diet diet makes you eat more thin

Simple 5 days nutrition diet spectrum makes you eat more thin lead: to effectively lose weight to eat, how to eat in order to play the role of weight loss, to see here the diet, which can satisfy your appetite, add enough nutrition, also can let you become more and more slim. (source: Yi Xiu female network) diet recipes (egg milk + fruit vegetarian beauty) 1, breakfast a boiled egg, a cup of milk, half an apple or some potatoes + ham + salad dressing. 2, a bowl of rice and vegetables. 3, dinner at seven to eat, and Chinese food is almost the same, but only eat up to seven to eight minutes can be, and after a little more than nine points can not eat anything, but the exception of fruit. 4, to drink a cup of juice (can squeeze water + lemon juice + two dark plum) do not add sugar oh. 5, with moderate exercise recommended reason: the amount of this package is moderate, suitable for some relatively weak MM system, this weight loss diet with high nutrition. Diet two (yogurt slimming diet) 1, wake up: two cups of water. 2, breakfast: vegetable juice 200cc. Lunch: 500 grams of yogurt, 3. 4, dinner: vegetable juice 200cc. 5, before going to bed: 1-2 cup water. Recommended reason: yogurt to help digestion and prevent constipation, help the bacteria inhibiting bad bacteria, thereby improving the proportion of intestinal flora, promote normal gastrointestinal motility. This package is suitable to slim down quickly, want to see the loss of MM in the short term, due to the insufficient amount of meal, this package can not be long-term consumption, easily lead to malnutrition, while MM lose weight but also to take care of their health. Diet three (Apple meal), 1 breakfast: a bottle of milk (or unsweetened coffee) plus a boiled (or boiled eggs). 2, apple: from the beginning of the 12:00 at noon, every 2 hours to eat an apple until 8:00 a total of five in the evening, eat no longer eat an apple meal a day is enough. Recommended reason: apple diet diet has been the first choice for you to lose weight MM, apple weight loss and beauty. This diet slimming effect is obvious, small time to lose weight, is the consumption of this package, the effect is very obvious, it has been keeping a food intake, also did not see a rebound, MM want to lose weight, we must adhere to oh. Diet four (whole wheat bread + skim milk 1, early Western diet): roast a whole wheat toast, a boiled egg, a cup of skim milk, a cup of tea (also Diet Coke). In 2, a cup of skim milk, boiled tuna (with chicken breast or boiled vegetables), a fruit (apple, guava or tomatoes), a cup of tea (also Diet Coke). 3, late: dinner menu of their own deployment, but prohibit the consumption of starch and meat. Recommended reason: this weight loss package is usually 5 days to be able to lose weight of about six kg, but at least to drink water every day 2500-3000cc, this package is the most attractive point: when you can drink coke, very.相关的主题文章: