Shenyang flexible employment, disability and subsistence allowances can apply for social security su jiqingwuyuetian

Shenyang: flexible employment of disabled and low staff can apply for social security subsidies Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network (reporter   Ding Ning) from now until December 10th, with flexible employment status paid basic pension and medical insurance for disabled persons, low-income and low marginal households personnel, can bring information to the residence of the community to apply for social security subsidies. These days, some residential areas in Shenyang City have posted "notice on the application of social insurance subsidies to the disabled persons with flexible employment, the minimum living allowances and the subsistence allowances for the marginal residents"". In the notice clearly, the scope of social insurance subsidies is as follows: the disabled workers, the subsistence allowances and the marginal families of the urban residents who pay the basic pension and medical insurance for the urban workers with the flexible employment status. Among them, the subsistence allowances and subsistence allowances have been enjoyed by the Civil Affairs Bureau without the repeated benefits of medical insurance subsidies, and they can enjoy the pension insurance subsidies. However, the following circumstances are not within the scope of subsidies: non domicile of the city; signing labor contracts with employers; obtaining private enterprise business license; having retired procedures; reaching the statutory retirement age. The subsidy standards are as follows: 1, the basic pension insurance is paid according to the identity of freelancers, and 60% of the actual payment amount (the overall plan of the endowment insurance) is subsidized, and the payment base grade is implemented according to the 60%-100% stipulated in the pension policy. 2. Basic medical insurance is paid according to the status of freelancers, and subsidies are provided according to the 5.6% part of the social average wage. The subsidy to take the "first payment after compensation" mode, enjoy the full payment of subsidies, and then give subsidies, subsidies are part of the payment to the personal bank card. For those who are within 5 years of the statutory retirement age, the subsidy can be extended to the statutory retirement age, and the other personnel subsidy period is 3 years. The application period will be from December 10, 2016 to the present (except for the statutory holidays), and the overdue applicants will not be reissued. 沈阳:灵活就业残疾和低保人员可申请社保补贴   沈阳晚报、沈阳网讯(记者 丁宁)即日起至12月10日,以灵活就业人员身份缴纳城镇职工养老和医疗保险的残疾人员、低保及低保边缘户人员,可携带资料到户籍所在社区申请社保补贴。   这些天,沈城一些小区都张贴了“关于灵活就业残疾人及低保、低保边缘户人员申请领取社会保险补贴通知”。通知中明确,享受社会保险补贴人员范围为:以灵活就业人员身份缴纳城镇职工基本养老、医疗保险的残疾人员、低保及低保边缘户人员。其中,低保、低保边缘户人员已在民政局享受医疗保险补贴的不重复享受,可以享受养老保险补贴。但有下述情况的不在补贴范围内:非本市户籍;与用人单位签订劳动合同;领取私营企业营业执照;已办理退休手续;达到法定退休年龄。   补贴标准为:1、基本养老保险按自由职业者身份缴费,对其实际缴费额的60%(养老保险统筹部分)给予补贴,缴费基数档次按养老保险政策规定的60%-100%执行。2、基本医疗保险按自由职业者身份缴费,按社会平均工资的5.6%部分给予补贴。   此次补贴采取“先缴后补”方式,享受补贴人员全额缴费后,再给予补贴,补贴部分发放至个人银行卡中。对于距法定退休年龄5年以内的人员,补贴可延长至法定退休年龄,其他人员补贴期限为3年。申请期限即日起至2016年12月10日(法定节假日除外),逾期未办理者不予补办。相关的主题文章: