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Set a small goal, such as the first to take 10 of the world’s elite OFFER- Sohu education set a small goal can be achieved, for example, I first earn it by one hundred million……" China’s richest man, Wanda chairman Wang Jianlin of this small target was playing bad". Recently, Wang Jianlin in the guest TV show "Lu Yu", a word to show confidence and confidence China richest man to the audience. So, the circle of friends instantly "first earn one hundred million" to refresh it. For students studying abroad, do not be afraid of the world elite threshold is high, it is difficult to apply, as we also set a small goal, first take 10 of the world’s elite offer". 1 Harvard University Harvard University Harvard University is the first university in the United States, and Harvard University is a member of the Ivy League school. Since the American Revolution, a number of revolutionary pioneers have come from the Harvard University. Harvard University is known as the American government. Harvard University has produced eight American presidents, 40 Nobel prize winners and 30 winners of the Pulitzer prize. Harvard University business school case study more famous. Here also trained to create a Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, such as a business miracle. Strong professional Harvard University has 12 colleges, 46 undergraduate majors, 134 Graduate School of business, including: — ranked first; College of Law — the United States ranked third; College of Education — the United States ranked second; School of business — ranked first; Biomedical Engineering — the nation’s top five performance requirements; IELTS requirements: 7.5 TOEFL requirements: 100 would require SAT or ACT scores: SAT II performance requirements: 650-800 SAT score SAT score: 1800-2400 SAT: 600-800 SAT 600-800: mathematics reading SAT writing: 600-800 ACT 22 ACT minimum score total score of ACT 32 ACT 31 English mathematics application date: Autumn Shen Please deadline: January 1st; early action deadline: November 1st; early action application date: December 16th; transfer students can enroll in the fall semester of sophomore and junior undergraduate; transfer application minimum credit requirements: complete at least one year of undergraduate course; transfer deadline: March 1st total cost: $70166 2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), referred to as MIT, is recognized as the world’s best Polytechnic university. Its research相关的主题文章: