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UnCategorized Top ten Indian bridal dress designs: Out of all ten red lehenga choli with dupatta is most worn and the best dress for brides and look awesome with jewellery. 1) REd Lehenga choli with dupattta 2) RED Saari with blouse 3) Ghaghra Choli 4) varanasi saaree 5) Baluchuri saaree 6) Kota saarees 7) Shalwar kameez 8) Jardashi saaree 9) Patiala suite shalwar 10) Bangladesi dhaakai 1)Red Lehenga choli – Red Lehenga choli with dupattta Lehenga choli specially red with a beautiful dupatta having all jari designs on it is the best bridal dress designs out of all. Color red is best suited because its a sign of love and new relationship. Short sleeves are best, because with this dress u can wear all type of jewelleries. If wearing diamond jewelleries then use same color designs on the dress. And if wearing gold jewelleries then prefer golden embordiery and golden designs on it. 2)Red Saari – Red Saari with blouse and dupatta on head Saare as you know is a 6m long cloth mostly worn by indian women and are the best costumes to be worn. Red saari is also a very good bridal wear and is worn most occasionally on marriages. Again short sleeves blouses are best for it. It is less fashionable than red lehenga but mostly wore by brides in uttar pradesh, bengal, madhya pradesh, south india. With this also brides prefer a juda on head and dupatta. Mostly gold jewelleries are worn with this. 3)Ghaghra Choli – Ghaghra choli is an alternative of lehenga choli. Ghagra is most preferred in the western india like in rajasthan , gujrat , haryana etc. The Ghaghra as you see looks good in all gujraati designs and in all colors. Good color ghaghra are red, pink, orange, yellow and marroon. Short sleeves are preferred because brides wear ornaments around their arms and that looks awesome. 4)Varanasi saaree – Varanasi saarees are just gorgeous ones to be worn by bridals. The exotic designs on it makes it more dashing and beautiful. You wear a matching blouse with this and can go for heavy necklace, bangles, earnings, nose ornaments, fist ornaments, payals etc. Short sleeve blouse are preferred. Hardly long sleeves are worn. This dress is most worn by the Eastern India like uttar pradesh specially Varanas and Northern India like up, uttaranchal, etc.. 5) Baluchuri saaree – Baluchuri saarees with a blouse is beautiful dress. colors can be blue, green, golden,etc. Again short sleeve blouses are worn with this. Brides of states like west bengal, assam, orissa prefer this type of dress. The beautiful design on it make the saaree costlier. The designs and colors available are hard to resist. 6)Kota saarees – Kota saarees are dazzling ones and are used by the bridals but are preferred less as .pared to others. people mostly use this saaree to give the bride as head dress. The check designs made on the saaree is beautiful. You can go for red, pink, green , or .bination of any two colors with golden checks or other contrast checks on the Saari. In this also short sleeve blouse are used and the blouse color is contrast color of the saaree so worn. 7) Shalwar kameez – Shalwar kameez with a duppatta and quarter sleeve kameez is preferred. Colors that look good are red, pink, marroon, or shades of these colors. Specially golden designs on this shalwar and kameez is prefereed. The duppatta that is used is either net or of the same color silk piece of cloth. This type of dress is most worn by the punjabi brides and northern brides.Golden jewelleries are preferred and are traditional but nowadays people are even going for diamond and platinum. chuda is used with this dress. Chuda is a number of bangles of the .bination red and white and golden bangles, that cover the hands from wrist to elbow and are most famous in this type of bridal wears. 8) Jardashi saaree – Jardashi saarees are the dazzling and shining saarees. People prefer dark colors on this saarees and brides wear heavy jewelleries along with this. These saarees are less preferred and worn by the brides but are worn.These wear earlier fashionable. People wear again short or quarter sleeves blouse with this. 9)Patiala suite shalwar – These are similar to shalwar kameez but the difference lies in the shalwar or the leg piece cloth that is being weared. In case of Patiala shalwar the cloth used is more and the aleigance of the dress is increased. Brides prefer short suite (or kameez) on this.You can go for any dark shades of red or pink or orange. 10) Bangladeshi dhaakai saaree – Bangladeshi dhaakai saaree and blouse Bangladeshi dhaakai saaree and blouse as the name suggest is most used by the brides in west bengal state of india and are preferred more by the bengali peoples and in kolkata. Even the bangladesh country this saaree is used and are worn. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: