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The children in the United States: "free" is not better than your child – mother mother fled | Sohu author Kai Shu said what the American education? What kind of education in Germany? What kind of education in Japan? Who says an advanced educational concept should be marked by a country? No matter how bad the country has a good mother, no matter how good the country has bad dad. (only for the antithesis, does not discriminate against men) recommend this article is not to say that America family education has a lot of advantages. But to come together to explore the " we give our children; free " what is it? Freedom without borders can only be enjoyed by dictators. Freedom and freedom seem contradictory, but it is all the time. We think we’re talking about freedom, but we’re talking about boundaries. The boundary between the child and the child, the boundary of the child and the boundary of the world. A few days ago, a friend with me Tucao, said such a thing. Over the weekend, her colleagues to chat friends home for tea, five year old daughter is playing with blocks next to windows and sweet. Sweet is a very cute little girl, sensible obedient, learn what are very hard, basically adults do not have to worry about, is a typical "other people’s children". The colleague has been adhering to a tiger mother pies, because of a variety of cute daughter’s performance, they also gradually became the mother circle of parenting Master. The weather was fine that day, the warm sunshine came from the window light. In conversation she noticed a detail in the side, playing with blocks of sweet will often put in the building blocks, quietly turned to her mother at the partial one eye, eyes sheepishly, mother seems to be seeking praise, or make sure Mom have expressed opposition to frown. The details of her heart a shock, originally prepared to ask the child rearing problems are swallowed back. Sweet expression makes her look distressed, sensible and well behaved little girl seems less of this age should be naive and free, the key is also to be a lack of confidence. Is it because her mother is too strict, give her enough freedom? She felt that home motionless "ending expose tile" the little guy needs to start a good discipline, but suddenly feel too strict also have problems. She is very confused, width to "bear", strict control "," what to do? To be frank, I can’t give you a direct answer, but we may be able to get some inspiration from American schools and parents. I think many American education should be two, but on this issue, I think their discretion and go to a proper extent. In general, most American mother father of the child’s discipline is very strict, even than we might have expected but also strict, sometimes a gesture, a tone can shock a disobedient child. But in many other cases, the children of the United States than we imagined more freedom, they can not go through the consultation and consent of their parents, their own treatment, decided to do a lot of things. The breadth and severity of this, the limits of "freedom" and "not free" -相关的主题文章: