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Seasonal variation of care — Sohu maternal baby cold autumn is getting stronger, cooler weather, especially temperature increase sooner or later, the slightest mistake, the baby is very easy to catch a cold. See the baby runny nose, sneezing, fever, always let mother distressed and trouble, then the baby when the cold how to properly care? Cold nursing principles: slow baby discomfort Bao Baoruo infected with the common cold, the medicine prescribed mainly to reduce symptoms, so the baby can sleep well, eat well, can use natural immunity for the disease cure. Therefore, cold care should be to ease the baby discomfort. 1 ease throat discomfort throat pain is the initial symptoms of a cold, but many baby sore throat, it is not the correct expression, and the throat is located in the human body, usually difficult to find strange. If the baby is more than usual crying, showing a physical discomfort, the mother may wish to let the baby open mouth, observe whether there is no throat. If there is swelling, to let the baby in time to add moisture, drink plenty of water, eat fruits, etc.. 2 help to clear the nose when the cold baby stuffy nose will be uncomfortable, but the baby is not to blow your nose, the nose, nasal or nasal drip thick yellow blocking nostrils, why let the baby crying endlessly. Whenmommy found the baby breathing when there is "hissing" sound, or unconsciously to mouth breathing, said his nose is not smooth, can use the nasal suction device manual or electric, to help the baby to suck the baby’s nose, relieve discomfort. For the baby to do a steam bath is also a good way to clear the nose, let the baby in a house full of steam for 15 minutes, the baby’s nose will be greatly improved. Don’t forget to immediately after the bath for the baby put on dry clothes. If you let the baby play in a little hot water for a while, but also can reduce the symptoms of nasal congestion and lower body temperature. Have the skills to take care of a cold mother feeding the baby has been confused, which is a big challenge for feeding mother. Forced method is easy to cause the baby to take medicine the fear, and even will eat into the medicine spit out, or to take time to cry loudly, refused to cooperate. Before feeding, the mother can taste it first, if there is a very strong bitter taste, can adjust some glucose water, let the baby more easily accept. Secondly, feeding time in 30 minutes before meals to 1 hours is better, in the baby slightly hunger, easier to swallow the medicine. The baby can’t use words to express their discomfort, cold restlessness, crying is homely food on the mother’s, psychological and physiological tests are great. So don’t worry too much, you should take the right care, patience to appease the crying baby. This article is provided by good pregnant mother, please indicate the source相关的主题文章: