Russia wants to send people to observe the U.S. election was rejected beauty public relations stunt mkdv-02

Russia wants to send people to observe the U.S. general election was rejected beauty: public relations gimmick local time on October 18th, the United States, Chicago, the United States ahead of the general election voting continued. Figure China, according to Xinhua news agency, 21 U.S. government officials said that for the next month, the U.S. presidential election, the Russian side proposed to send a number of polling stations to observe the idea. According to the Russian proposal, Oklahoma, Texas and Luis Anna S were expressly rejected. Russia wants to learn the American electoral experience Oklahoma officials said the Russian Consul General in Houston Alexander · zahaluofu as early as August this year, sent a letter to the state officials said, wanted to go to a polling station in the November 8th United States presidential election polling day sent to carry out on-the-spot observation". Oklahoma officials showed the letter to the media reporters. The letter said that the Russian side is ready to send a staff member of the Consulate General in Houston on the same day to the polling station, the purpose is to learn from the u.s.". According to the requirements of the Russian side, Oklahoma 21 days to be explicitly rejected. The state election commission spokesman Brian · Dean said, according to the relevant provisions of Oklahoma, in addition to the election commission staff and other voters, no one is allowed to enter the polling station. Oklahoma, Secretary of state Chris · Benqi zahaluofu wrote back to America, the electoral system is the "system" really great, he hoped that Russian officials in front of the television to "observe" the election process. According to local media reported some of the United States, zahaluofu also to Texas and a letter to Luis Anna S, made the same request. The two states also cited local laws to reject. U.S. Russian practice, the intention is unknown, the Russian side was rejected by the United States and more states, the Russian Consulate General in Houston has not yet responded to this. But Russia’s "news" quoted the Russian election officials, the State Department for the "Russian revenge mentality", inspired by the Russian state observer in the door. According to the above statement, the U.S. State Department spokesman John · Kirby denied. 21, he said at a news conference, the State Council did not give advice on whether the state to accept foreign observers. Kirby also said that the foreign government put forward to a polling station "observation", the state government has the right to decide whether to agree according to local regulations. Another State Department spokesman Mark · on the same day also comment on the daytona. He said: "if we think that we refused to go to Russia to observe the election requirements, this idea is wrong. We welcome foreign governments, non-governmental organizations and other parties to monitor our elections." White House spokesman Ernest said that Russia did not join the international observer mission, but from the national level to make observations, the intention is unknown. According to him, Russia to do so is just a public relations gimmick". In related news the US election TV debate "Putin" the highest frequency of WikiLeaks website 22 daily its twitter account summary released this year the three presidential candidate)相关的主题文章: