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Finance In todays uncertain times, retirement planning firm, retirement financial advice and investment management advisors are the buzzwords and the needs of the hour. When one is young, one never thinks about retirement planning. But the sooner one starts planning for retirement, the better. It is not even bad, even if one starts late in life. The savings for retirement should be on top of the list. They carry tax benefits as well. Planning for retirement is also necessary as it allows one to do those things which we had to let go off, while working. It may include traveling, studying, spending time with family, starting a new business or just enjoying a retired life. Retirement in.e .es from social security, pensions, personal savings and investments. So, careful planning is needed and inflation has to be taken into account as well. Susan Strasbaugh and Richard Strasbaugh have been in the business of retirement financial advice and financial investment advice Colorado Springs for fourteen years. They have been investment management advisors for the individuals and small businesses of Colorado Springs. They have been running a financial planning firm-Strasbaugh Financial Advisory, Inc. and helping the citizens of Colorado Springs. Susan is a certified financial planner. They have a six step process to help to prepare a personalized plan suited to the needs of the individual or business. The process includes: 1. The Strasbaugh Financial Assessment: In this, they have a series of meetings with the client which takes care of the most urgent needs. 2. The Net worth Snapshot: In this, they analyze the current net worth of the client including the assets and liabilities. This step also includes setting and signing of new investment accounts. 3. The Cash Flow Maximize: This step involves reviewing the current in.e and expenses and developing a long term financial plan including tax saving schemes 4. The Ideal Future Game plan: This identifies the short term and long term goals and the money needed for retirement and prepares a plan based on that. 5. The Protection Planning Profile: This step reviews the existing insurance policies and re.mends new ones if something is lacking so that all unforeseen risks are covered and planned for. 6. The Investment Solution: This step reviews the current investments and re.mends new ones if there is some shortfall in the financial targets. They also provide a mid-year and a yearly report to their clients based on their reviews. This financial planning firm of Colorado Springs makes sure that the customer needs are met and their future is secured. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: