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Rectification of the eighteen round of the central ninth round of the rectification of the rectification of the situation? – Politics – August 30 Beijing Xinhua (Pan Xuhai Intern Yang Han) recently, the eighteen session of the ninth round of visits to the central region and the 36 Party Organization announced all inspections rectification. Since the current round of inspections at the end of February 2016, to the end of the end of April, a total of 15 Central inspection teams to carry out special inspections of 32 units of Party organizations, while Liaoning, Anhui, Shandong, Hunan and other 4 provinces to look back". What are the highlights of the current round of inspections rectification? How to improve the problem? Reporters combed the current round of briefing, take you to see how the current round of inspections and rectification work. List of issues highlighted "common" rectification party to Chen Ke, in the ninth round of inspections of illnesses "problem list, at least 17 units of the existence of grass-roots party organization construction is weak, 5 units of grass-roots party organizations in the long time does not change, 7 units of organizational life is not strict, not standardized, 8 unit party identity consciousness is not strong, the party discipline consciousness, 12 units to pay Party membership dues are not standardized…… The current round of inspections, the weakening of the leadership of the party, party constitution consciousness, lack of comprehensive strictly three problems as "common", it is urgent to strengthen the construction of the party. The illness to old illness, ruthless drug cure ills. The inspection group to find the root cause, the patrol unit must straighten out the idea of root disease, an antidote against the disease. The Commission on the report, to the General Secretary Xi spoke as a mirror, with the "Four Consciousness" as the benchmark, the party constitution party disciplines as ruler, feedback control, revealing problems form, deep ideological roots in each aspect of the rectification rectification report logic. The post office said in a state to the central fourteenth inspection bulletin, post office party with the "two a" study and education, to carry out special rectification for construction, lack of grass-roots party party for election and other outstanding issues, strengthen the party’s ideological construction, organization construction, style building, anti-corruption and institutional construction the method, is a manifestation of the logic. Strengthen the leadership of the party, by learning, relying on the system, but also by publicity. State Administration of radio, in a notice to further strengthen the party’s leadership of the press and publication of radio and television industry, the need to strengthen the sense of guidance. The administration in the rectification, in addition to strengthening the management of traditional field oriented radio and television programs, network audio-visual programs, such as books, put forward to further strengthen the supervision work of the new media and new media business integration, by strengthening the top-level design, the traditional media of radio and television and new media integration and development as the "13th Five-Year" key projects. In addition, the face of the old problems such employment is not standardized, the national development and Reform Commission, the relevant requirements of the central focus will focus on cadres to prevent sick promoted. Development and Reform Party perfect communication and coordination mechanism, strictly implement the "references must be trial", "references must be", "references will listen", "check references must be further improved;" making use of the work program, focusing on multi-channel and multi-level inspection to identify cadres; with great efforts to promote the exchange of rotation. To strengthen the discipline inspection agencies and team building, increase the intensity of investigating the case. Implementation of the central decision-making arrangements are not in place rectification相关的主题文章: