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Cancer Visiting a breast thermography center for the first time is something that most women look forward to – or at the very least, they don’t dread the experience the way they might with other doctors visits. The reason for this is that thermography is a .pletely non-invasive procedure. All a woman has to do, literally, is stand still for a few moments while a thermal image is taken. Nothing touches the body, there is no .pression of breast tissue, no radiation. Of course, this is a very valuable tool for more reasons than just it’s a .fortable experience. For one, breast thermography can be used much earlier than mammography because density of breast tissue is not an issue. Another reason is that when it .es to using any single detection method alone, breast thermography can detect changes in the physiology of the tissue earlier than any other modality. In the early period of using thermography there was concern that false positives were too .mon, which is to say that there were changes noted in thermograms that could not be confirmed with other screening techniques (this is because thermography catches changes including tissue inflammation and diverted blood flow) and did not develop into anything. Now, the fact that thermography catches changes before they are set in stone is actually a very good thing for women. That means that if changes are noticed in the breast tissue at a very early stage, steps can be taken to decrease the likelihood that they will develop further. Lifestyle changes such as smoking cessation, improved diet and sleep and stress reduction can all have a profound effect on the health of the body. The ideal reality would be this: around the age of 25 or so women could go in for an initial screening to get their baseline thermogram done. They could then add a trip to the breast thermography center to their annual check-ups. It is important to have a baseline to go by in order to accurately assess changes in tissue. More frequent thermograms can be conducted if there is concern about an area, and once a growth has been developed to a stage where mammography would be appropriate, more can be learned via using the other available screenings. Not only can a thermogram alert women to changes before they be.e serious, they can monitor changes before other screening methods can detect them and may help steer women towards necessary and healthy life changes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: